Easily remote control and view your garage with Wyze Cam v3 Garage Door Controller! 4/26/22

One leg of the splitter is longer than the other, so not sure which one is meant for which device, other than I initially went with how they were labelled. I’m going to assume it doesn’t matter which one is used with the camera, and which one is used for the controller (and if that is the case, why are they labelled as they are?)

In this pic, it appears the shorter leg is labelled to connect to the Camera, and the longer leg is labelled to connect to the controller (which did not work for me, until I swapped them to connect to the device opposite of what the labels said)

Short Leg: Labeled “Connect to Camera” but connected to Controller because I wouldn’t work any other way: (This connection when inserted into the Controller was snug, and the controller was finally recognized by the App)

Long Leg: Labeled “Connect to Controller” but connected to Camera for same reason: (This connection was sloppy /loose when inserted into the Controller)

I’ve had other Micro-USB powered devices where it would connect properly with the original supplied Micro-USB, but not with others (it appears both micro-usb’s didn’t extend the same length from the 'rubber casing" as the other.

I think this comes down to quality control on either the Micro-USB connectors and/or the assembly of the controller


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