Doorbell unique notification

One question for the group- is there a way to make the motion and someone pushing the doorbell notification unique ? Like on the ring doorbell if someone pushed the doorbell it would make a different sound on the phone notification.

This way I don’t think it’s just a regular camera notification etc.

Asking here in case I missed that setting. Thanks all

[Mod Edit]: Your post was merged to this category since it involves a question and not a request for a Product or Service enhancement by Wyze.


you should post this in the wishlist forum…but I have already made this request to the project manager, hopefully it will be added.


Or does anyone know of an Android add-on that is good to customize notifications that works well to do this?

Were you ever successful with this issue? I have the same. I chose the unique notification in the Wyze notification settings but always get the phone’s default sound so I never know it’s someone at the door without picking up my phone. No other app works like this. When I press the notification the app opens and I get the correct sound then but that’s obviously too late.