One solution for customizing notifications - FilterBox and Ringtone Maker

FilterBox Pro
Like lots of people I’ve been looking for a way for the Wyze app to provide different notifications for different events. For Android, at least, there’s a $3.99 solution - free for 30 days. “FilterBox Pro Notification Manager” is available at Google Play. It intercepts all notifications and allows you to further filter each one based on the notification’s content.
So, for example, I have two locks, “BldgBack” and “BldgFront”, When one of them is unlocked Wyze sends that info in the notification detail. FilterBox sees that the notification is from Wyze, and it has different branches for each lock based on the detail. FilterBox allows me to specify what I want to do with that now-categorized event and I can choose (among several options) to replace each notification sound and detail before the phone itself publishes the notification.
It seems to be a very powerful piece of software, and the documentation is sketchy. And I had to uninstall and re-install it after I did something that made it gobble up my phone’s memory so that it kept rebooting. But the result is a stable and flexible notifications manager.

Ringtone Maker by Big Bang
This app is free on Google Play. It lets you make custom ringtones from downloaded music. I couldn’t care less about that.
BUT it also lets you record snippets through your phone’s mic, edit and trim those snippets, and save them in the master list of ringtones or of notifications. So I recorded two snippets, one saying “Front Door” and one saying “Back Door”. And after I had used FilterBox to create different notification paths for those two devices, I I then chose the appropriate speech snippet for each notification. Now when someone opens the front door, my phone says, “Front door”.


I’ll have to look at that one.
Another notification tool people can try is light flow. I was able to use it for free to do some similar things. They also have a paid version.

Custom notifications become critical as you add more and more devices.

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I did a write up on how to use light flow a couple of years ago :slight_smile:

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Yes, that was the post that inspired me to check it out!

Some of the features wouldn’t work on my previous phone model (but a lot of it worked well), but I have a new phone now and while it’s installed, I just haven’t set it up.

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very interesting…question for both @Bam @jrisken being android users, is there any improvement in notification speed or still affected by Doze?

There’s always been about a 1 second delay. This adds about 3 seconds to that.

Are you sure it’s by Big Box?
I found one by Big Bang.

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Oops. You’re absolutely right.

I found roughly the same delay. nothing too terrible

Yeah, if the apps are reliant on the actual notifications, then it wouldn’t help when the phone is dozed.

I’ve been looking for a way to customize notifications. Particularly email by the from address. Currently I use ByVoice which can read notifications or messages from apps you choose.
Comes in handy when driving so I know if I need to get off the next exit for something.
Now I use it all the time working remotely. They I don’t need the phone tight in front of me. It would be real handy in combination with an app you could choose a specific sender.