Doorbell pro image quality, poor in sunlight

My video image from Doorbell Pro is hard to see when the sun is out. The shaded part on my porch is fine, but where the sun is shining, it almost looks like fog.

Can you send a screenshot? Is the sun shining directly into the camera, it could be caused by glare.

No the doorbell is in a shaded spot

Yea, so since it looks fine on the right, im guessing its because the sun is shining right at it, washing out everything around it. I would suggest trying an angled mount to adjust its view, but thats really all you can do. any camera has this issue unfortunatly.

It is on a wedge and the sun doesn’t hit it. I attached a picture from a reviewer, the background is very sharp. Is there not a way to adjust the contrast? It’s sad that you can barely see the street. You can’t see the sky.

Does it always do this, or only a specific time of day?


hmm, can you send me a picture of it later in the day, when the suns not right in front of it?

The camera faces north, this image was from 7:48 PM, and it was cloudy

Not sure what tz your in, but could you try to get one when the sun is on the other side of your house, like maybe in the morning. Thanks

This is at 1:56 PM facing north, sun is on south side of house

Hmm, thats strange. It looked like the sun, but if the suns on the other side I dont know why its so bright. Could be because of the diffrence is lighting on left and right, and it just chooses to adjust for the one on the right? Not sure what the fix for this could be…

Maybe if you angled it left a little more it would decide to adjust for the lighting on the left instead? Do you have any more wedges or anything to put it on?

No I don’t. It’s odd, the lighting is basically the same on both sides. No tree shadows close enough to be in camera range . You would think not facing the sun, it wouldn’t be a problem

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These low cost cameras has very limited ROM space, so the Auto White Balance is Very basic.

You can try put a polarized filter len on to see if you can cut the glare.

I might try that. This is from this morning and it’s cloudy and dark enough where my neighbor’s lights are still on

I’m experiencing the same issue. I have mine in a carport, and the carport displays well, but the sunny area beyond is completely washed out on my gen 3 wyze cam. My gen 2 didn’t have the issue. Camera seems unable to handle the contrast. Disappointed, i bought 2.

I swapped it 3 times and all were equally bad in daylight, even on a cloudy day. Wyze did a poor job on this doorbell. Very disappointing. You can reach out to them about getting a refund or gift card

I just installed my doorbell pro and have the same problem, washed out and blooming whites. This Photo was just taken and it’s raining out and overcast. Look at the soffit ceiling and you can’t see the definition in the soffit lines on it but with my older Wyze doorbell camera you could. Comparing this to my v3 cameras, it’s like night and day, those cameras look good. Greatly disappointed.

I got rid of mine, terrible video quality. I bought an AOSU, has 2k video, much better quality

Mine is terrible