Wyze Doorbell V2 Quick Review: White Balance Issue Beware

I installed my Doorbell V2 yesterday, replacing a Nest v1. I woke this morning and checked the status of how mine looks. Extremely disappointed. I can finally say I am a victim to the unaddressed problem after 5 years: the white wash from sun exposure.

Never had this problem with any of my wyze cams. Didn’t have this problem with the Nest Doorbell I just replaced.


I read this is what it is. A known problem that has been around, just not addressed by the company at all.

Any way to fix this or should I just start processing the return?

I am noticing this as well on my doorbell v2 cam. I submitted a log so we’ll see what they say.

Can you post a screen shot of what it looks like from your view? From different times of the day?

Did you also contact Support if you wanted to bring something up to them?

Having the exact same issue here on my V2. Screenshots below. The sky was sunny and blue during both of these times.

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Because of over half the frame being in the shade during direct sunlight, the camera chose to expose the foreground correctly, and over expose the background. The opposite of that would be to have the bright sky be exposed correctly, and the shaded area right Infront of the camera be way underexposed and dark.


But it’s still super dark when a person is in the frame. And the V3 cams don’t have this issue either

Here’s mine at -9:15am. Can’t even see the roofers across the street.

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