Doorbell v2 camera exposures live video

Since all you posted was the photo, we sort of have to guess what you are asking. I assume you are wondering why the face is so dark. Most likely because there is so much very light part of the image in the background. Compared to the very light sky, the face is very dark - the camera is only showing what it is seeing.

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RE: Doorbell V2
I am suggesting that the camera should understand that it is looking at a face and adjust the exposure for the face. I know the background is very bright. My Doorbell V1 did a better job of adjusting exposures.
Thank you again for understanding what I was trying to say. These are my first posts,

The opposite of this is your face exposed correctly, and then the sky and background to be over exposed. In your use case, with the dark wall on the left, and the overhang, you have both light area and dark area in the camera view at the same time. This causes the camera to have a hard time exposing both correctly at the same time.

Thank you for your input.
The V1 Doorbell did over expose the background and got better “face” exposure. It would be cool if we could adjust the exposure on the V2.
OR if the door bell had a light!
Thank YOU again.

Wide Dynamic Range in latest firmware (version supposed to fix this issue. However, do NOT upgrade to this version. It breaks event recording and notification. Wyze awares of the issue but silent when asked for a fix or a way to rollback the update.

I have tried Wide Dynamic Range. It is not effective enough

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