Backlight Exposure setting

I just returned a video doorbell because in my application the doorbell faced the south & was also located under an overhang. Consequently, all pictures/videos rendered with dark unreadable faces & details during the day.

So my question is whether the wyze outdoor cam comes with the ability to incorporate “backlight” exposure much like digital cameras do. I don’t want to buy another product that I have to return.

Thanx - Bob

Welcome to the Wyze community @Blob1!
I don’t believe that the doorbell has this feature, but different cameras handle different lighting situations differently so there’s a possibility that the camera could have no issues at all r not work in this situation at all.

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There are no manual software exposure settings for any of the current Wyze camera products. The only way to “control” is camera position, camera aim, making sure light sources are from behind the camera for best effect, etc.