Add Exposure and focus point/area, and brightness and contrast level controls

In order to avoid under exposing a room with a visible window (or similar high-contrast views) I’d love to be able to choose the area used for exposure calculation.

For example, I’d have the cam exposure for the rest of the room and not a window or the top of a lamp or the like.

Different exposures point/area during night vision would also be nice.


Allow night and day exposure to be separately and manually settable. I don’t know what the light is bouncing off of but it gradually gets brighter till it gets to this unusable image. Or another method might be to select an area on the image to get proper exposure priority.


Is this camera behind some kinds of glass or plastic. It doesn’t look like the usual IR glass reflection, but I suppose it could be.

Or is there an outside light source that’s making reflecting off the top of the van, especially one that has a high infrared content?


It’s under a soffit and nothing is in front of it. I originally had it in a silicone housing but I found the silicone reflected this light right back at it with the same results.
There’s a downspout right under it and the house just to the right, I assume this is light leaking back from the side. If I move it even with house front which leaves it open to the elements this glare goes away. The crazy think is that it looks perfect for about 1-2 second right after the ir is turned on before it adjusts to this crazy bright level. Maybe there’s something wrong with the lens but everything looks perfect during the day. I will try to clean the lens and try again tonight.

Also the light on top of the garage is an led bulb and I have another camera that looks almost directly at the same kind of bulb with no problems.


The change you are seeing is the auto exposure kicking in. I think you’ll have to find a way to point or shield the cam from the light source.

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I decided to go out this afternoon and wipe the lense with a damp towel and I got this, looks much better. There must’ve been something greasy under the plastic film it shipped with that was picking up light reflections. I never touched the lense, in fact I didn’t even remove the plastic cover till I had it mounted and the lense looked perfectly clean prior to me wiping it.

I am still convinced that even with a dirty lense I could’ve made it work with manual af controls, but for now I am doing much better.

Thank you very much for your help.


That’s a great tip for when folks have problems with fuzzy pictures.


I have a hydroponic garden that I want to set up a time lapse photography on because it grows very quickly. However the UV light from the hood obliterates the picture I can’t adjust the brightness or contrast of the camera. It would be really great if we had that capability to set that up in the settings of the camera


I would like to be able to adjust the brightness and contrast levels of Wyze cams. I have my camera pointing to an area that is too bright and I cannot modify the light or where it is placed and the location of the camera is the only position available. The ability to adjust the image would beneficial.


The video from Wyze Cam v2 is not bright when used indoor. It would be extremely beneficial to have the ability to manually adjust the brightness (as well as contrast) in the Wyze app.


My pan cam is mounted outside and when the exterior lights shut off, the camera goes into night mode and the IR lights come on. At first, the picture is clear, but the brightness adjusts automatically and the picture gets quite foggy. There could be some reflection off of the case or it might just be the lights and camera themselves, but allowing to set this in the app would possible enhance the clarity of the picture during night vision mode. This is different than an on/off switch. It should be a slider that can adjust the brightness incrementally.

Below is a picture of the foggy vision. I will try to take another tonight that shows how clear it is immediately after the outside lights turn off.

I was able to take some more screenshots last night. I was wrong. The picture after initially going to night vision is not clear, but just darker. It is not useable. I read lukeborn’s suggestion above about wiping the lens as well. I tried that and it may have done a little but still did not fix the issue. On my camera there almost seems to be a ring in the center of the lens. I’m not sure if this is refraction, reflection, or something on the lens. I may try to use rubbing alcohol or some other cleaner on the lens with a microfiber cloth.

With backyard exterior lights on:

Immediately after shutting off the lights:

Final exposure:

If I move lens up 2 taps on the GUI position in the app

In the last photo, I moved the camera position up from the very lowest position 2 notches. It definitely helps with the clarity of the picture. So, something is causing the extra glare in that lowest position (either the camera itself or IR reflection off the silicon case. I may just have to adjust the mount position to be lower if I want to get the playback area lower. I was avoiding this as it causes the camera not to pan horizontally but at an angle since the mount doesn’t adjust as the camera pans to account for the tilt.

As I said, I also wiped the lens with a damp cloth. I really couldn’t tell much of a difference before and after. Maybe it is slightly better.

Lowest position:

2 taps up on position GUI;

I’m going to take the silicon sleeve off the camera to see if that is causing the ring in the picture. If that is not it, I will try cleaning it again.


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Does anyone think it would be awesome to have some control over the brightness of the live feed? Maybe have three or four level users could set per camera to have a better viewing experience.


Please add feature to adjust brightness/intensity of night time infrared light. I have a window that has outsude street light. Its dark in living room. The outdoor light that the camera sees causes the infrared light to have very low intensity so that i can not view anything inside. If there were a feature to increase infrared intensity i could adjust to see inside of room at night, even though window would be washed out, which i dont care about. Thanks


It would be helpful to add a targeting box in the camera viewer to allow you to set where you’d like the aperture to focus for light balancing.

Example: you have placed a camera in the garage and the outdoors is showing up as a bright, washed out light because of the contrast with the dark garage. But if I could click on the outdoor region in the viewfinder, it would focus there instead of the garage.


I would like to see an option that lets you control the white balance, or atleast what part of the shot it needs to auto adjust on.

Currently its a bit of a problem when you have a dark porch, because it will completely white out the outside. If I could tone it down or tell it to focus on the driveway outside, it would work way nicer.


Yes! I just had the same request. It’s actually a deal-breaker for me since I currently can’t use my Wyze camera at my front door without an exposure detection zone. See Attached… PNG|690x318


I recently bought Wyze Pan Can and noticed that AWB (Auto White Balance) is a lot better than on Wyze Can v2, which produce yellow cast if indoors lighting less than 2800K temperature (soft white lighting). Not sure if both cameras uses different sensors or algorithm, but Pan Can produce nicer video color balance. Also, would be nice also to have like on Arlo some video adjustment, like make it brighter or darker.


On all of my cameras , the lights from outside (Daylight) or the light from my lamps overtake the video causing one big white glare around that light, taking from the video quality .

Anybody have a solution or a fix ? This kinda of renders the camera useless .