Add Exposure and focus point/area, and brightness and contrast level controls

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Can I add a suggestion for future updates? The problem I am having is at night, the infrared lights reflect off some objects in the frame of the shot and this causes the Automatic iris of the camera to close (go darker), as with most cameras the brightness level is set based off the object that is the brightest object in the frame, and so if the infrared lights reflect off a white object in the camera frame, this causes the entire image to be dark. If would be nice if, like with a cell phone camera, you could touch or even select the areas of the screen to set focus and iris level-like you do with setting the motion detection zone, have another feature to set the camera iris zone. This would help my problem, letting me set the area of the screen that the camera auto iris level is set by. So the picture attached-I know your don’t recommend your cameras be mounted outside at this time but just see the issue I am having here, the image is dark because the camera infrared lights are reflecting off the siding of the house on the lower right and darkens the entire image. I don’t want to tilt the camera up off the siding, because there is a door down there we want to see peoples faces, so the camera position is great, just the picture is darker then it could be because the iris is adjusting to the brightness of the infrared light reflecting off the siding.


I have the same issues using my cameras outside. I’d like to adjust exposure manually.


It’s also weird how it meters off of what is closest to the camera sometimes. HDR would be great, Slider controls, or being able to select one specific area would be better than nothing. What I REALLY would like is the software to recognize a face and both focus and expose for the face. It’s tech that already exists, it’s just whether $20 WYZE cameras can pay for it. :slight_smile: I’ve been robbed a couple of times and got the guy on camera but none of the cameras were able to make him recognizable.


I support this post, I am experiencing the same thing. Would love to have a feature added to adjust brightness/exposure based on where you want to focus in on. My front door is one big bright light in the camera.


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I just got the camera and have the same problem. It is practically unusable for me because I can’t move the camera into another position. Does Wyze have any updates for this?

There is something that is progressively wrong with the cameras. It isn’t a matter of shielding from bright lights. I have had three cameras pointing out my windows for at least a year. At night they picked up every thing, even when cars came down the road with brights on. But over time I notice that these cameras (never been moved) will now be completely washed out with even a standard porch light from the neighbors. As soon as a car turns down our street from two blocks away, the camera becomes completely useless. Wyze needs to address this issue because this only occurs on these three cameras. Please please fix this issue.

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Yes, This feature is a must especially since Wizen released new firmware that lets you use as a webcam. I have a condo with an ocean view and would love to put a webcam feed of my balcony view. However if. I mount the cam on the balcony rails it is too noticeable and exposed to the elements such as the tropical storms we get here. However, back a ways under balcony canopy is a perfect place as that never gets wet and gives a great view of th balcony. The sad part is its useless with this cam. The cam exposes for the shaded area under the canopy and you can even see the water which is directly across from us, it gets so overexposed it looks like a whiteout.

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Hi, I love wyze cams and I have 3 of them. But the only thing missing is manual focus point and lock as well as exposure point. The cam is really good at focusing automatically on bugs walking on the window or burning highlights on outdoor light. It would be so nice to be able to select the focus zone that matters and lock it forever. My garden cam is very well placed but focuses automatically on the foreground tree and not the alley where I want to check stranger passing by. With the new outdoor cam and motion/people detection it would even greatly improve accurate recognitions. Right now I have birds on foreground sitting on the fence recognized and not people walking in the alley coming in the background. Focus on the people and not having hi def of the bugs or pigeon feather texture would be ideal :slight_smile: thanks in advance


There seems to be a common issue that if a camera is too close to an adjoining wall the glare from the ir leds makes the wall bright. The auto exposure then uses this bright area to set the exposure leaving the rest of the view dark.

If we could set a zone for exposure we could discount the wall in the exposure calculations and correctly light up the area we want to view.

Yes we could move the camera but somewhere down a narrow alleyway or hallway We may not be able to move the camera far enough from the wall whilst still viewing the scene properly.


Alternatively, define an area to “block” in the video feed. For example, put a black square over the window, or a bright night time light, or the path of the sun…

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I have the exact same problem. Having played with the Raspberry Pi lately, it’s amazing the number of Linux V4l2 controls you have with the digital processing of that simple little camera, which makes me think the Wyze cams should have comparable control. Adjusting the exposure level or dynamic compression (if those are controllable) might solve the problem. I’m having a terrible time with washed out, overexposed areas that are either white or pinkish in tint. Almost all of my cameras are doing it, including some that are less than a year old and have NEVER been outside or exposed to direct sunlight.

I have communicated with Wyze Support, and they were willing to replace some of my in-warranty cameras, but not my out-of-warranty cameras. But I’m of the opinion that it’s a firmware change and not simply a camera sensor issue, so I doubt new cameras would fix the issue. I also suggested that they consider the digital processing algorithms, to see if something like “dynamic compression” had been disabled or some other exposure setting change. But so far, they have not acknowledged any such firmware issue – they just act as if the cameras are damaged. I have 6 V2 cameras, 1 Outdoor camera, and 2 Pan Cams. All are experiencing this problem except the Outdoor camera. Of the other 8 cameras, while some have potentially been exposed to direct sunlight, at least 4 have NEVER been outside nor in the path of sunlight. But they also exhibit the problem. If there’s any interior lighting or a window or glass door, that area is washed out terribly. Some of my outdoor scenery (with camera indoors, looking out a window) has a pinkish tint where it ought to be blue sky or green grass or sometimes simply a white building or concrete driveway.

If you have made any progress on this problem, I would love to hear about it!

I have noticed this same issue. It is a recent change that has to be in the firmware. I have had Wyze cameras for years now. The view recently became washed out due to lighter areas in the view. I have some Pan cams, v2 & v3 cameras. The ability to control light exposure would be a huge help.

I just noticed the same pinkish tint on a v3 and a pan camera. I agree this seems like a firmware issue. My pan camera is inside, and the v3 is outside.

I’m VERY disappointed with MY V3focus. It’s way more blurry compared to Eufy cam. The v3 siren SCREAMS inside the house and my Neighbor would shoot it if we’re Outside! I was hoping I’d be able to control the Alarm Volume like in the Eufy cam. I’m disappointed. Optics are TOO sens and Blurry.

It would be wicked cool too control lighting for the cameras or an option too use the sun lighting on all cameras so we don’t get the blare a


Just got my Wyze Cam V3 and I’m experiencing the same issue. :frowning:

I don’t think that we can ask too much for a $29 camera

Agree somewhat, but it literally did not do this until recent months, which leads me to believe it’s in the software and is correctable. Wyze has been great so far to respond to end users, but so far, they haven’t acknowledged any possible software problem or anticipated change. I just hope enough people will bring it to their attention. Most cameras these days have numerous digital processing features to correct exposure problems. That’s why a tiny phone camera can be so amazing now – it’s due more to the software than it is the tiny lenses or sensors.