Add Exposure and focus point/area, and brightness and contrast level controls

I use these cameras for inspection and it has a real shortcoming when the area in the center that I need to inspect is blown out but the surrounding areas are well balanced. A spot meter or area meter would be a huge improvement in my case. I have had the same situation with my cameras that I use around my house. It is doing a good job at general exposure and tends to blow things out instead of leaving them too dark, however, it is almost without fail that the area I need to be able to see is the area that I can not see. If it could just use the ‘Detection Zone’ in the ‘Detection Settings’ for the exposure it would solve my problem. It misses the motion in the detection zone when it’s blown out. It’s especially bad when there is a high dynamic range in the camera view and the area that I need to see is the brightest, most well lit area. That almost seems backward to me.

I agree completely. I hope Wyze is watching this and related threads. I know I’m not alone, and I cannot believe this many sensors have “gone bad” this soon. It still seems like something that software could fix. Most of my v2 models, including some that have never seen the outside sunlight, are washing out – either pure white or hazy pink.

Wyze has been good to listen and offer frequent updates in the past. I hope they will consider this, or at least acknowledge it as a problem to be investigated. I hope they aren’t over-extending themselves by getting into so many item markets.

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I agree. I’d like to have an audio aleart upon detection also. NO SIREN

To theLeft is a tree with christmas lights on it, to theright, is the window frame.

This is another thing that could be fixed quickly if Wyze would open source the development of their hardware. I wish that we could talk them into it because things like this are a simple fix.

Recently, I saw some other posts suggesting that the internal IR filter was broken on some cameras. In my case, the internal filters all seem to be mechanically switching, but just don’t provide enough filtering – hence the washed out and pinkish sky tones.

Today, just as a quick test, I took a small detachable IR filter from my drone camera and simply held it up over the Wyze camera opening. The results were better than I expected. I think this might be an easy partial fix, although it would impact your night vision on the camera. It might also just be a matter of internally replacing the built-in mechanical filter, if that is possible. Just a thought…
See example before and after pics attached.

I just got a $13 conico cam, and while the sw is overall not as good, it does have easy controls for brightness/contrast. I wish wyze would add a spot/area meter, or even just a way to manually adjust the brightness/contrast/saturation/sharpness like in conico’s mipc app. I’m probably going to return the conico camera, but wyze would do well to add a manual brightness adjustment.

When zooming in, it’d be even better if the camera automatically adjusted brightness to reflect the area being viewed. This would be helpful, for example, on cameras pointed at a computer’s (bright) screen. I use a pan cam to help monitor that the kids aren’t goofing off on their computers during virtual learning, but some days, the screen is too bright and washed out.

I agree completely. A bright monitor can completely wash out the screen, especially at night.

I haven’t seen or heard from Wyze for a while – even though I’m in the beta program. I hope they are focusing on these issues and requests, rather than continually expanding the product line. I have several Wyze products and my love for them is waning. :disappointed:

Regardless during the day or night, when there is a strong light, such as sunset or street light, the images. When the histogram of light intensity is too strong, lower the exposure time and change the gamma to bring up the dark side and lower on the bright side.
Note: I worked on camera tuning, exposure algorithm. For comparison, use iPhone to take a picture on same scenery and compare the results.

Another vote from me for exposure control.

For the Cameras, please add manual brightness and color control. Many other cameras on the market offer these features and I am a bit disappointed to not have them with Wyze.

I’d like to open the app and manually correct for brightness and contrast. Better yet, I want to click the spot I want to focus and where I want the camera to adjust color to.

Another possible implementation might be as an Auto Exposure Adjustment like SLR cameras generally offer. I.e. a user settable exposure bias. Different metering modes would be nice too.

My particular problem is that license plates at night are almost always all white and streaked because they’re too well lit while the scene is barely lit at all.
I can deal with underexposure, but can’t deal with overexposure.

It would be nice to have HDR, but not at the expense of exposure adjustment.

Would be nice to have the ability to adjust the exposure, brightness and contrast of the camera. Sometimes in certain lighting’s things are washer out or very over exposed.

Ability to adjust brightness

Would be great to be able to adjust brightness for recording

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I would like to see at least brightness control as well.

Aperture control: Specify sections of the image that control aperture

Provide a mechanism to control f-stop when background lighting changes dramatically.

Use case:
Imagine a garage camera that that looks towards the garage door opening. When the door is closed there is very little light available. A person in the garage is nicely revealed. Now the door opens and someone walks into the garage. That person will be nothing but black because the camera is using the bright sunshine behind him to set the camera’s aperture. But there are sections of the image that are never very bright(e.g. the roof). I am wondering if the camera can be instructed to only use those sections of the image to set the aperture. Yes, the area illuminated by the sun will be washed out but I don’t care about that — it is the person who enters that I want to see clearly.

I note that one can limit the area within the image that is used for motion. Could something like that be provided so that the f stop of the camera is selectively set?

[Mod Note]: Your request was merged for consistency in grouping similar requests. Please note that Wyze cams have a fixed-aperture, fixed-focus lens. Software/firmware adjusts brightness and contrast to accommodate ambient light levels.

Set Manual Shutter Speed In Time-Lapse Video

I wished there was an option to set a manual shutter speed in the time lapse video especially for the V3, but also for the Wyze Cam Outdoor even when it would consume lots of battery power. This would allow to make very impressive thunderstorm (lightning) time lapse videos. Now with current options the time-lapse of a lightning storm is not very impressive. Please add this option - thanks.

Brightness for night vision

Manually adjustable exposure or brightness during night vision operation.
Auto brightness gets fooled by light colored objects.
Switching night vision off to on shows how bright it could be before auto takes over and gets it wrong.

Yes please.

Camera bloom control

I’d really like to see better “bloom” control on the cameras. That’s when bright lights suddenly appear, be they headlights, fireworks, lightning, etc. That’s when the maximum level of brightness in a particular spot goes totally white and loses all detail.