Solarized image to impair Smart Detection: Should I throw away the cams?

My three Wyze Cam V2s get everyday worse.
The image is useless from 1/4 to 1/2 of the area.
Smart Detection won’t work if pet, people, vehicles or packages are in the overexposed area.
The three cameras looking outside have the same issue.
Even in not too dark cloudy days.
Was that it for the life of the cameras? :wastebasket:

Wyze Cam V2
Plugin V.: 2.39.4

The cameras are trying to adjust the exposure to make it the best for the largest part of the view. If you adjust the cameras to have more of the street in view and less shrubs and other items it should adjust to make the street look better

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So, I have to adjust the camera so it can make a nice job.
I can not adjust the camera to my needs.
I think is so wrong.

Maybe no one else has seen or want to intervene in my post, but I insist it maybe this cameras expire 2 or 3 years later. I don’t remember this issue when they were new.

If what you say is true, then there are other brands that can deal with light much better.
Like my previous camera, which I found the time to unbury today.
See for yourself. With no hardware, software or attachments tweaks whatsoever. Reinstalled just as it is out of the box where it came, and later back in to put it to rest in a drawer for years.
Same time. Same place.

Thank you very much for your help, though. The only one interested in my case.

My old other-brand camera

Wyze cam with the issue

A screenshot of both cameras is a very good comparison.

Every camera is optimized diffrently, and one brand may work better in some situations than others, but the opposite is also true. Without manual tuning (which is not available on the Wyze cams), a one size fits all approach is the only option.

As you can see in your comparison images the Wyze camera provides more brightness and detail in the shrubs at the bottom than the other brand. Obviously this is not what you want in this situation, but if the camera were aimed differently it may work to your advantage.

Is there something stopping you from tilting the camera up a bit, do you want to see the window and shrubs liek you have?

I still believe you will have much better results if the camera is aimed up.

Neither is available on the other camera.

The true is that the other camera responds well to all situations at least I point it directly to the sun.

And the other brand, with less brightness and details, and all you might want to add, it provides a much REALISTIC and natural image.
And most important!
Wyze cam “light management” obfuscates people, packages and pet which makes the Smart Detection useless most of the day.

It seems that Wyze doesn’t get the point.
What about if another inconvenient arise when I till a bit the cam.
Like in my case, the night lights in the soffit of the eaves.
Then the problem “multiplies” x 2.

Then what? Should I cut off all the shrubs? Turn off the night lights?
Move to another house with better conditions for the camera?

Is the camera that should adapt to the conditions, not the other way around!

I understand what your saying, and agree that the camera should better adapt to its environment.

However I am a community volunteer and do not work for Wyze, and I’m just trying to suggest the best course of action to resolve your issue. This is a user to user forum, and the best way to make a suggestion to Wyze is to use the #wishlist. The ability to adjust contrast/brightness settings on Wyze cams is commonly suggested, so you could head over to that post and vote for it.

Other than that there’s not much either of us can do aside from the suggested workaround.

I am definitely not trying to disagree with you, and I apologize if that’s how it sounded, I’m just trying to suggest the best way to work around the cameras limitations.


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Thank you very much IE’
I really appreciate your effort and time to help me!
:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Put the cameras outside…problem solved