Love the little V2 but if there could be enhancements it would be nice to be able to manually change the contrast and light during night vision as it is quite dark. Also, I find that not all movement gets an alert so I have mine on continuous recording. It would be awesome in playback if the bar could be marked when there was movement captured so when reviewing footage we could have starting points.

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Hello @BB2865, you can vote for “Mark events in playback” feature to be added using this link, as for the first request you should create a wishlist request with the idea since I cannot find a similar request. [Edit: see below]

You can vote for the first part of your request here:

For both #wishlist topics, be sure to click the VOTE button at the top.


I missed that one, thanks Loki :call_me_hand:t5:

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I second the ability to do exposure compensation. In night mode, any bright background sources causes the autoexposure to severely darken the rest of the frame. I’m shooting through a window and can’t use the IR lights because of back reflections so there is no real solution. Thanks!

@Cativo Welcome to the Wyze community! Using an external illuminator is a great option for this problem. See post and info here.

Thanks for the feedback, although a little pricey at 2X the camera price. I think I might experiment with segregating the IR Diodes with some kind of accordion barrier to allow adjustability.

I also checked a different scenario with no bright sources and the image is still black so the camera is already aperture limited. The only way to get more exposure is through slower shutter speed, which will probably induce more motion blur, but motion blur is better than no image. Hopefully the team will take notice and provide a firmware update one day.

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