Feature and enhancements requests after 2 months!

First of all let me say I love Wyze Cams. I have 7 already and I’m planning to purchase a couple of those Wyze Cam Pans soon. After using them for a couple months now I do have some suggestions for improvement.

Feel free to add to this list!

1.Ability to deactivate IR lights for night vision for those that point the cameras outside windows or use separate IR illuminators.

  1. Sensitivity setting for auto night vision. For example, a headlight shines towards the camera at night and it automatically turns night vision off, then back on again when the car passes. Make it so that it is possible to only turn off when there is a continuous light source after a set or adjustable amount of time such as constant sunlight.

  2. Wind resistance setting to prevent false notifications. Ive attached a video using my outdoor mount which has a silicon housing for the camera, which is constantly giving me false notifications since the silicon flexes. I am going to purchase the all plastic bird house style housing and hopefully that should eliminate some of the camera movement, but this option would be a great addition. See video attachment below!

  1. DETECTION ZONES: Ability to add up to 3 detection zones (for v1/v2 since Pan has 4) like one of your competitors. OR better yet innovate and have an adjustable 6 point detection zone. I think 6 is a good amount to cover most views. OR instead of setting a detection zone have the ability to set a zone(s) to IGNORE and then detect motion using the rest of the screen.

Just to clarify something re: #4… The PAN has four programmable waypoints for the Pan Scan function, but this is not the same as the detection zone. The detection zone for the PAN is the same as the V1/V2: a rectangle. The detection zone on the PAN is further limited in that it only applies to the Pan/Tilt position at which it has been set.

Thanks for the clarification!

Hermio, great suggestions! I agree with all of them.

Great suggestion.

Suggestion # 1 may be called “Behind Window” mode, i.e. IR LEDs turned off and IR filter disabled. This will enable putting more cameras behind windows with good night videos.

Attached picture shows how I mounted a V2 outside. So far so good. Painted the V2 black with black permanent marker to make it less visible.

catcat… To clarify something about #1: The ability to keep both the IR LEDs and IR filter disabled already exists. If you tap the crescent moon icon above the live stream, night vision will rotate among On, Off and Auto. In Off mode, both IR filter and lights are disabled. This setting can also be adjusted by tapping the gear icon, then Advanced Settings.

What the Hermit is asking for is the ability to have the IR filter ON but the LEDs OFF. This is possible in firmware and is on the development roadmap, but no target date has been set for implementation.

Got it, thanks!

I agree the detection zone is a major drawback of the WYZECAM cameras, I’m going to have to buy two of a different brand because of the layout on the front of my house doesn’t get the proper coverage with the V2, to fit my needs the four points of the zone need to move independently or better yet a couple more independent points added.


“the Hermit” huh. lol

Like the black version! There’s a guy somewhere here that also sells matte black wraps for them too.


I’m going to clarify terminology, because of what your definition of IR filter Off means. You are describing IR Filter on vs off opposite from what I would describe it. The IR filter is an optical filter that blocks IR light. When operating in daylight (either Night Vision mode manually turned off or in Auto with lots of light), the IR filter is in the light path, and therefore really should be described as ON, however the IR illuminators are turned OFF. When operating in Night Vision mode (either Night Vision manually turned on or in Auto with little or no light) the IR filter is removed from the light path, so it should be described as OFF, and the IR illuminators are ON. In your last paragraph, you correctly describe the desired result for “window mode” using your version of the terminology.

Make sense?

I do some technical writing as part of my job, so this kind of terminology issue sometimes drives me nuts!


Spell check!

Correction accepted. I should have said “IR filter removal disabled”.

Just popping in to say I am also in agreement with the freehand motion zones. Due to mounting location I’m catching the road diagonally across the camera’s FOV so the square/rectangular zone doesn’t help much.