Doorbell white balance issue

Does everyone’s door bell video look washed out bright white? I opened a ticket and they said that is normal. How can an image look this bad. It’s all day till the sun goes down. Thoughts?

Looks like the dynamic range of your view is to much for the camera. With the bright bright front yard and the “dark tunnel” of a door approach where the doorbell camera is, it’s to hard for everything to be exposed correctly. You may be able to turn the patio light on to brighten up the patio but that may not be enough to un blow out the background.

Unfortunately there are two things that could happen in your use case during the day, the camera to expose the foreground as best it can, blowing out the background like it did, or exposing the background correctly, leaving the foreground very dark and anyone that approaches the camera to just be a dark silhouette with no identifying features.

In my opinion the best place for you to mount any camera in that area is at the threshold of the patio (near the chair) either looking towards the front door, or looking out into the yard. This would eliminate the difference in lightness from the dark patio to the bright front yard.

So I guess I could try that but not easy to rewire a doorbell. I could check your theory by placing my wyze cam 3 on top of doorbell and see what it looks like. If the IRS can adjust, I chock up to poor design of doorbell.

It’s not a poor design, it’s simply physics. There is only so much dynamic range available from the camera sensor. As Omgitstoney said, because your image is about 80% dark and a small percentage bright, the camera is going to adjust the light levels for the much larger percentage dark area. That makes the bright area overly bright. BTW, I have worked as a video engineer for live television. The engineer is the guy who makes the cameras look right. In our case it was all manual controls, but dealing with this lighting situation is exactly what we would need to do.
I would assume that it looks far better either at night or dusk / dawn.


Same here

It is a poor design. I replaced my Nest Hello with the Wyze and there is no comparison. With the Nest I could clearly see my neighbors house across the street and with Wyze everything is so blown out that you can’t see a car in front of the house. The Wyze is so bad that I am going to have to go back with the Nest.