Video Doorbell pro white balance

When will the white balance issue be fixed? The background is terrible, no detail. This was taken on a cloudy morning.

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Welcome to the community @dmmg2517 . Curious as to what your setting is for the Wude Dynamic Range - On or Off? This can help with the brighter areas.

Also, what is your Firmware Version of the Video Doorbell Pro?

Firmware is 10.68. Wide Dynamic range is on. I can turn Night Mode off and on several times but that doesn’t fix it. I’ve also swapped the camera with Wyze 3 times, same for each camera.

Same as mine, what happens when you turn of Dynamic Range? Does it get any better

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No nothing seems to help

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I second this! Would love the ability to be able to adjust it manually or needs better responsiveness. WDR has little impact.