WYZE Doorbell v2 Awful Daylight Color - Needs Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) like Doorbell Pro

WYZE Doorbell v2 has AWFUL Color in the daytime. It washes things out and makes things too dark and unnatural. No setting to adjust brightness or clarity. Doorbell Pro has MUCH better daytime color. Night vision is great on this but in the daytime everything has a dark hue like it has too much contrast. You can’t even make out a face on darker skinned people. This is horrible and needs to be fixed or an option added to adjust brightness or color levels, like the Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) on the Doorbell Pro. Seems to be an issue affecting all not just certain people or platforms.
See photo… clearly this person should have a face… and the building you see should be a light green color with dark green trim, not look like it’s black & white.
If this isn’t something that can be fixed I’m seriously considering just going back to my Pro and returning this. Ugh.


*UPDATE: Added the request to the “wishlist”… what a waste. It was moved to a topic / request from 6 YEARS AGO as a maybe later, so apparently this is NEVER going to happen. What a disappointment. So glad they don’t care about fixing the issues like this, or being able to see people and things. How do you come out with something that can display 2k but it can’t accurately show it. What’s the point of that. 2k is worthless if its color is so off you can’t see things right or make out a face. Guess I’ll be returning this and going back to my Pro. I’ll also be considering moving all my WYZE stuff to a different brand going forward. And I have lots of it.

Wyze does not allow duplicate requests. To prevent future frustration and “wasting time” with the Wishlist, please read How to Use the Wishlist and search existing topics in the Wishlist category before submitting new request. If you find an existing topic that covers your request, simply add your post and click the “Vote” button. If you submit a duplicate, a forum volunteer will move your request for you.

I did search and review, and understood / understand how to use the wishlist, however, that did not match to the device in reference nor did it seem relevant given that it was from 6 YEARS AGO.

How anyone can look at the image I provided and think that that’s not a CURRENT issue to address / improve, and reevaluate, is beyond me, and is frankly ridiculous.

The wishlist topic to which your request was merged is applicable to all cam models. Age of an open topic is not relevant… we do not create redundant, open wishlist topics.

I see you added “Needs Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) like Doorbell Pro” to your title and 1st post. FYI… WDR for your Wyze Video Doorbell v2 is on the way and currently undergoing public beta testing:

If you are considering installing beta firmware on your doorbell cam, please keep in mind that the purpose of beta is to assist Wyze in uncovering and reporting bugs and usability issues before software and firmware enhancements are released to the general public. That means you will most likely encounter issues… some minor and some major. If you value stability or rely on your Wyze products for security, you may wish to reconsider joining beta and instead wait for the public firmware release.

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Yes, thank you. After researching further and seeing other forums / posts on the same issue, I realized that’s the term and option I was initially going for with this but didn’t know that’s what that feature did, or remember it. I then went into my Pro settings and saw that I had that option on and when I turned it off it produced results closer to what the V2 currently looks like. So having that would be great. Glad to hear it’s coming. That makes a huge difference in keeping it.

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No problem, and yes, WDR is a sorely needed feature for Doorbell v2. :+1:

Just received the WDR firmware update for v2 on my iPhone. Much clearer! Thanks, carole625, for pointing this issue out earlier.

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Yes, thank goodness. And you’re welcome :blush: