Door lock 'Totally jammed"

Lock is on a rental property almost 5 hours away. Today I have received a “the door is jammed” error.
I tried to lock it remotely, it says the same thing. Upon a 3rd time trying to lock, it then says “the door is totally jammed”. The cleaners said that the deadbolt was “sticky” when she was there today, but she failed to tell me. She also swears she fully closed the door, but she is going back later tonight (hopefully) to check if it’s fully closed. Battery level of the lock is 100%.
Is there anything I can do remotely to remedy this? Since I’m so far away I can’t recalibrate until next month when I’m at the house.

This has happened to me more than once, and in my experience it usually means that the door hinges have come slightly misaligned from gravity over time, now causing stress on deadbolt so that it can’t easily open and close into and out of the hole anymore. Usually the fix is to realign the hinges so the door is held up in the correct position again. In the meantime, usually the person who is there in person can hold the door up and pushed in while they press the lock or unlock and then it will work properly, but that doesn’t help for remote locking and unlocking where the deadbolt doesn’t line up properly with the bolt hole anymore.

Sadly, this likely isn’t the device’s fault as it is a sort of physical obstruction, and I don’t think there is a way to remotely remedy it.

I mean, it’s possible there is something else going on, but especially with your cleaners reporting that it was “sticky” I would say in my experience that makes it a 90% chance it’s an alignment problem. I’ve seen it more than once on my own locks.


Thanks for the input, that does make sense. And the house being in VT, the temperature swings are drastic in the spring so that could cause some shifting of the house. Update though, 5 hours after I asked this question I went on the Wyze app and attempted to lock the door. It did successfully lock this time with no “jamming” error. Strange, but again it might be due to temperature. But I will say I have been using this lock for over 2 years with no serious problems. The last time I experienced anything like this it was due to the batteries being really low and weak. We will see what the cleaner or next guest says.
Thanks again for the input.

Assuming it is a misalignment issue (it’s possible it isn’t), then in the early stages when it first starts to sag, the chances of whether it works remotely could also partially depend how the door is sitting at the exact moment the attempt is made. Sometimes if it closes well in a way that the handle piece holds the door up and in enough, it may sometimes work, while other times it might not if it isn’t positioned exactly right. So you certainly could experience some inconsistencies on whether it locks or not. I did. The longer it was like that, the worse it got and the less frequently it would ever work remotely. That is an interesting thought about the heat/cold.

I guess it’s hard for us to know for sure until you can check it in person. If you do figure it out for sure, it would be great to hear a follow-up from you so we know if there are other things to recommend to other users in the future if they start experiencing the same thing as you.

I am recently having the same problem with the locking mechanism being “sticky” and the door jamming. I dont believe the door is out of alignment or sagging because it is intermittent.