Unlocked Wyze lock remotely, now says door is jammed

I wanted to test unlocking my Wyze lock remotely and now it says that the door is jammed. How do I unfamiliar it and re-lock it? My house is 3 hours away.

the door may actually be jammed. did you recently set up the lock on the door? if so any issues? I ask because in saying you “wanted to test the unlock” typically testing is done after the install when you are close and can find and solve any issues that might arise.

currently there is no “forget” type of button to override a jam.

do you happen to have a camera near the door you can see it with or a neighbor that can check it out?

typically, and this is depending on where you live and such, but with colder weather setting in, if that is happening, door jams can swell or shrink slightly due to heat and or moisture in the ambient environment, if say you live somewhere that is it currently getting colder, when you unlocked it, if the door was able to move just enough to mis-align the deadbolt so that after unlocking it and attempting to re lock it, it wont go into the strike plate, it may read as a jam. it’s a possibility but there isn’t really a way to know without seeing it.


I set it up this weekend; no issues. I was able to lock/unlock with my phone while at the house. Also got the geofencing to unlock when I left the area and came back. When I left, I pulled the door shut and the lock locked and gave me the thumbs up “happy tune”. I have a camera and was able to zoom in on the lock while attempting to lock it. The dial moved about 45* and then went back to vertical and then began giving an error beep. I’ve asked my neighbor to check it out but was wondering if others have seen this.

hmmm that it quite odd.

do you by chance have a keypad paired with your lock?

Yes, I do.

my thought was, set up a temp code for your neighbor if needed, they can go unlock it and relock it ( should be successful) that will get the door locked until you get back home.

or if you both are free at the same time, have them go open the door, close the door and lock it by hand, ensuring the lock isnt snagging, then you unlock it by phone ( with them there), attempt the remote lock again and see what it does, if it jams, repeat up to the point you would attempt to remote lock it, but have them push on the door ( not the lock, but the door itself) ensuring it is closed tight and try to remote lock it. if it locks successfully you know that the issue is within the door frame/ jam and it will be still locked until you get home, but either way the door will be locked and more than likely you will know your issue.

sadly being away from home you dont have many option for trouble shooting :face_with_head_bandage:

True. Thanks for your feedback. My neighbor is going to open and close the door and then hit the lock button. We’ll see how it goes. If not well, I’ll do as you said and manually lock and go out the back door and lock that one.

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it might be as simple as the strike plate moved ever so slightly too, something else to check out when you get home. That recently happened to me on an electronic lock, but not my Wyze lock. a little glue and a longer set of screws fixed it right up.

I bet when you get home you’ll find something small that caused the issue and get it fixed in 5 seconds. it seems like with tech its always something small when you are far away :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’m sure it will be something simple and probably not the lock. At least I hope so.

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I am having a similar issue. The door completely shuts then completely locks, then 10 seconds later it opens and says door is jammed. Please advise.