Don't purchase Cam Plus through Apple Store

Where do your notifications go?

And your advertisements and such?

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To be fair shortly after posting this Wyze reached out with the refund. I will say though Wyze should get on the same page with their outsourced customer service. The outsourced folks told me no refunds, no way, no how.

No way no how hmm,there is always a way, a credit,
Well I’m glad you feel satisfied and you found out what email address they are using?
Did you have to change it to one email Wyze has on file or where they able to do the change for you, if you don’t mind?
Just curios.

Just wanted to add this warning to all iOS users. I received some Wyze emails with Cam Plus offers (good) so I was about to cancel my Cam Plus trial on the last day and signup with Wyze instead. Then this message popped up. (bad)

I thought, maybe it’s OK to just signup on this offer since it’s about the same. Turns out, it is not. Apple has since charged me full price and Wyze Support says it’s Apple’s fault.

Since Wyze knows Apple charges full price despite this pop-up, can Wyze update the app to NOT show this pop-up in the first place? I was just about to cancel it and signup via the Wyze web site. :expressionless:

Update: To Wyze Support’s credit, they sent me a working link to Apple’s complaint form, and Apple did cancel and refund my subscription rather promptly.

Wyze dot com support is making matters MORE confusing. I sent in this inquiry on billing:

I currently have Cam Plus on one camera through Apple’s iOS App Store. I am on trial for another camera I recently purchased and have been auto-notified that they trial ends in 2 days. On the iOS App Store, I see my paid subscription, but not the trial. On the site, I see the trial, not the paid subscription. There are different prices for the annual plan on the iOS app store and on wyze dot com. This is confusing and bizarre! On top of that, when I was putting in this ticket, I ran into info about 50% off annual…making the annual offer $11.99. This price isn’t showing on the iOS app store OR on! It’s a mess for customers. WHAT is the right path to get the $11.99 annual price on my 2 cameras!?

I got a very short-sighted, non-response from “Paul” advising that I sign up through the App Store and failing to explain:

"Thank you for reaching out to the Wyze Wizards team. My name is Paul and I’d be happy to explain.
A free trial for Cam Plus is offered to all* new cameras upon activation. The free trial lasts 14 days and once it ends, you’ll have the option to sign up for the paid subscription. If you choose to sign up, tap Continue on the pop-up in the app to continue with the set up.

*Wyze Cam Outdoor does not offer a free trial of Cam Plus.

I hope that helps! Thanks for being a part of Wyze."

SERIOUSLY? EVEN BETTER, being a very long-time Wyze camera owner, but new to posting, I got an error trying to post this comment because you’re not allowed to include more than one link…BOTH links are wyze dot com. This is lunacy and irritating.

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Part of the reason for this is that when you use the app or app store, Apple is charging Wyze an extra 30%, so sometimes the prices may be different if you try to order through the app. They have more flexibility with the website because they aren’t paying 30% royalties to Apple that way, so they can afford to do promotions and make it a lot cheaper for some specials. It’s harder to do that on the app when they are already running on low profit margins.

If you click on the promotional email it should take you to the Wyze subscription site where you can signup.

I suspect Wyze only sends these promotional emails to current Cam Plus (trial or paying) customers for their additional cameras, but you can try to use the email later when the Cam Plus on your old camera expires to see if they allow you to add the discount Cam Plus to it on the subscription site.

Interesting! It will be interesting to see what happens as the trial ends. It sounds like Wyze won’t know when the iTunes sub ends. Thank you!

Thanx so much for the insight!

I do get the price differences between Wyze and the App Store. It doesn’t make sense that Wyze support is pointing me to sign up through iTunes instead of their own site. It’s also bizarre that Support ignored my inquiry about the promo code (with a third and lower annual price). This leads me to feel that I’m getting overcharged unless I let subscriptions expire and wait for a code.

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Yes. Buying Cam Plus through apple was easy for sure. As was the buy this device, get cam plus free promo they did a while back (18 mo?). However, the subscriptions were renewing 10 days apart, adding a new camera meant figuring out where to add the subscription - apple vs wyze. When wyze did their promo for unlimited devices, pay a year in advance, jumped on that. i stopped the apple subscription and within 6 weeks or so it finally ran out, then I added those devices to the unlimited wyze plan, and been smooth every since.

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Why is Wyze:
#1 Promoting in app purchases via Apple if all these problems are already known?
#2 Allowing in-app purchases when the service does not apply to the signed-in account?
I’ve just learned that I paid for CamPlus for the last year for no reason! And now Wyze is telling me I can only get reimbursed by Apple. But Apple is only the payment platform, not the service. The camera service is provided by Wyze! It’s like paying for a product through a credit card, and requesting the bank to reimburse you because the provider didn’t send you the product. What am I missing?

Read the early parts of this thread. Apple REQUIRES it that way.

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Read my questions. I doubt that Apple requires Wyze to show me purchases my account is not eligible to have.
I also doubt Apple requires only Wyze to follow their protocol. I’ve never run into this issue with subscriptions other than Wyze. I have a fully digital home. No issues.

THIS is the part that needs to be resolved. WYZE is expecting customers to resolve a problem between Wyze and Apple.

I think Wyze is in a tough place. On one hand they want all users to buy directly from them, but on the other hand they know the reach of giants like Apple, Google, and Amazon.

I’m sure having these app popups and product placement on Amazon help drive up revenue. But can’t the app just redirect users to the Wyze site for Cam Plus signup?

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