Don't buy wyse!

If anyone wants budget person/vehicle detection I recommend lorex cameras or just about any cheap camera that’s compatible with ispy. Ispy has really nice (free) plug ins that make cheap cameras powerful. You can do person, face or license plate detection. For anyone wondering, dahua owns lorex and I would recommend either one over a wyze camera any day. I just need to find a heel to buy my useless wyze cameras now. I recommend lorex cameras because side by side wyze cameras never detect people but my lorex cameras have had no false alerts with perfect success.


I am using iSpy Agent with a Heimvision camera. I’ve only had it set up for a week. haven’t played with it much yet but it seems like powerful software.
I used the old version years ago with D-link cameras.

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I just started lurking at ipcamtalk and Dahua is huge there, as is Blue Iris. At the same time “they” don’t seem to approve of the Lorexes sold at Costco. Who knows. (Yes I know they have an online store and thus possible conflicts of interest.)

I presume in your cases iSpy is doing the person detection on behalf of the Lorex but not for the Heimvision (because it has local/edge AI)?

No, lorex’s fusion line of cameras have person/vehicle detection built in. Dahua has it builtin to some also. Ispy and blueiris can make any compatible camera have analytics not offered by a manufacturer. Wyze cameras don’t natively work with rtsp so you have to go over the web or install a custom firmware to use them locally with computer software. Wyze should discontinue their camera line with how far behind their model and technology is, they don’t care about the consumers.

Wyze cameras have their place in the market. They are fine for people that just want to plug it in and view it on their phone.
There are dozens of other cameras that work with third party software. Wyze doesn’t need to be in that group.

Their only market should be in the trash can. I know some are slow learners so I’ll spell it out for you again. There are cameras that do everything wyze cameras claim to do for a fraction of the cost. Wyze products shouldn’t be used or purchased by anyone, they don’t care about the customers. For example, no wyze employee has argued their case or supported their company in this post. My inbox on here is full of people agreeing with me and asking for help. If anyone needs help getting wool out of their eyes please pm me.

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They don’t do that. No company does. Why would they?
I’m not defending Wyze. I don’t have to. I got my moneys worth out of them.

Wyze doesn’t natively support RTSP but can with an easy firmware replacement, from Wyze. So what? We all know that. It’s not hidden information.

I am trying a cheap Heimvision HM311 outdoor camera. So far it does what I want it to do. Heimvision has less support than Wyze. At least Wyze has this community.

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How is your signal with the HM311? Mine keeps cutting out (to TinyCam). I want to switch it to the supported LAN cabling option. (And a confirmation that they have virtually no support and still not a single firmware update that I can find.)

Or to those willing to lower their expectations to the point the product meets them. :wink:

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I’m using Ethernet.

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Unfortunately, Wyze aficionados don’t read the forums.

why would they waste their time arguing with a troll?

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Ya, Angus, they do… Hopefully their new CFO will put them in the right arena to continue growth whilst appeasing the customers

The ‘company’ image is rubbing off on you Angus

I see… No valid argument so we revert to name calling… That’s not productive.

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The only Wyze products I own are the V2 and Pan cameras. As far as those products go I got my money’s worth. I knew what they were when I bought them.
I won’t be buying any of their other products though. I am not limited to the Wyze app with the cameras. With other products I would be.


One other thing to note, companies that build the best security cameras for the money do not sell facemasks, thermometers, vacuums, scales, light bulbs, watches, headphones, locks or socks. Don’t buy WYZE!

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I just ordered a 2nd doorbell (it works great) and I bought some of the million colors bulbs (got a 4 pack cheap). If I could get the 3 v-2 cameras that bricked on me I would sure be happy.

What baffles me Angus is their lack of response to customers problems, never mind the wish list… Just doesn’t figure in my book how a growing and new company can be like that.

I overall love my wyze gear. Very excited to try my new v3 cameras out. The scale is amazing, and the band has been great. And they have some products I can’t wait to try, the thermostat, sprinkler control are just a few oh and the watch!!

Even the outdoor cam has been worked in and is now something I enjoy. Wyze is great!

This whole thread is not productive. His only purpose here is to bash Wyze. I am not a Wyze employee but I have no desire to argue with him either, just stating a fact.

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