Don't buy wyse!

While this thread is clearly very negative about Wyze, we do not censor posts simply because they disparage Wyze – unless they otherwise violate the Community Guidelines .

As long as posts remain respectful (which they have lately) this discussion will be allowed to continue. No need to flag posts only because they disparage Wyze. Wyze does want to see this feedback.

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I am not certain of the responsibilities of the moderators of the different forums, but negative posts that are simply bashing the company and their products serve no useful purpose

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Very simple solution: Don’t buy Wyze if you don’t like them. I don’t like American car manufacturers so I don’t buy them. And brakes are WAAAAAAY different than a camera or a door sensor [Mod Edit]!!

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Wow, somebody is a salty fan.

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I also would never buy anything from “Wyse” and only purchase from “Wyze” as I am sure anything that you purchase from “Wyse” is a knock-off!

I started with Wyze Cam 2’s and Pan’s and have since upgraded to Wyze Cam 3’s and other than the Free Person detection that was lost (mostly due to Apple buying the underlying technology) I am very happy with Wyze Cams. The Cam 2’s I had I have since sold to my neighbor and they are still working great and he loves them and the fact he got a good deal on cameras that just work. My Cam 3’s have been every bit as good as the Cam 2’s and I love the sirens built into them and the better night vision and the big fact they are made for the outdoors which is where I have 5 out of 6 of them.

Sure I had a brand new Cam 2 bad out of the box, but guess what, I contacted support via chat, they had me try some things to try and get it working and then determined that it was indeed a bad camera and sent me a new one, not used, not refurbished, but actually brand new!

So I guess what I am trying to say is Buy Wyze!!! But please, please DO NOT BUY Wyse!!! Wyse must be a cheap knock off that the OP is pissed about! :rofl: :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I agree with you 100%. There is no reason to say anything more. As he said in Forest Gump, that’s right man, you said it all.

as to sirdigitalknight 's comment

WRONG! My Cam 2’s are NOT working, they no longer record events which are viewable by me (the end user), they all say ‘unknown device’ and cannot be viewed. These Wyze Cam 2’s are WORTHLESS


Wrong, they let the company know their customers are NOT happy … me being one of them.


Wrong! It shows Wyze we are NOT happy with their products and services, this is quite possibly THE most important aspect of business management. Make the end user, the customer happy, or they cease to be a customer.


100% correct…I too have Ring (12+yrs) and there products WORK…I purchased Wyze to see what Low Cost can do…The door bell does work, Outdoor Cam has issues, Security System is still in the box (I do not trust Wyze and will donate to GoodWill), Scale is OK, do like the Smart Plug-Switch, Headphones are OK, Light bulbs still in box …Wyze is a Company like Brookstone. Lot’s of stuff but not Focused on a Core Product.

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If Ring only had an option for continuous recording (not just when activated, or the silly 5 minute time lapse thing) they’d be absolutely perfect.

Also, don’t buy wyze products!

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Blah blah blah… just another Wyze basher


It has been well documented that the Wyze managers do not read the forums

This is spot on… Wyze started out for the people and I felt good about the product and what they weee doing because it was 20 bucks out the door and that’s IT… We’ll, fast forward a few years and it seems all they care about now is nickel and dining everyone to death. When it was free the constant cameras being down or footage not available wasnt so bad. Now that it costs for everything the cameras should work flawlessly. Nobody can honestly tell me that they haven’t had to restart their camera because of some kind of issue or another… I have a total of 10 Wyze cameras, 5 of those cameras aren’t able to read the SD cards no matter what size or brand, I bought a ton and tried changing them out. The only fix is to send them back and get a new camera. Which, I did at first, I sent back 3 cameras and they sent me 3 more… well it was a bit better as 2 of the 3 worked. I sent back 2 more cameras about a month later only to get 2 cameras back that couldn’t read the cars again… like I said, 20 bucks was ok for the bad products at times… now that it’s gone up with the monthly subscriptions I’m out. I’m going to try another brand. I’d rather pay more and get better quality and something I can rely on instead of the constant cannot find footage error or camera offline. These of course are my experiences so please make up your own mind.

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Right! Heaven forbid there be any anti-Wyze rhetoric here on the fan club forum.

Wait!!!, it’s not a fan club forum, it’s a user community forum - says so right at the top of the page “community of Wyze users”. To me that means all user experiences and comments are legitimate - not just those fawning over how wonderful Wyze is in spite of evidence to the contrary.


I’ve never said Wyze was perfect, they do have their issues like most companies. But if I’m unhappy with a product, I go find something that better suits me and move on. I certainly don’t cry about it on their user forums.

I’m not saying people don’t have a right to complain about their purchase, but if you’re going to cry about it on an open forum, just except push back.


I have 8 Wyze cameras. I have had to restart them but very seldom. Not saying Wyze as a company is great but I haven’t had many issues with the V2 and Pan cameras.

I just had to restart my much more expensive phone to get apps to stop crashing. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve got 6 (3 V2’s, 3 V3’s) of their cameras in use, in two locations 700 miles apart, in widely different environments (two of them are outdoors where the temperature has been at or above 100 for a few weeks), and I haven’t had all the problems I see some people complaining about. Have to wonder how much is user error? On a rare occasion, I have to restart them, and they work fine.
Maybe I’m just lucky? Hell if I know, but I’m happy with them.

[DO NOT Buy a Wyze Cam - Here’s Why]

Update: We seem to have a lot of Wyze Cam apologists on the forum replying to this post.

NOT one single helpful solution to ANY of these problems has been offered. NOT ONE!

The dollar cost ratio to a Defender system is a continual reoccurring monthly (yearly) fee which Defender (one example) does not have.

Whereas Defender (one example) offers, features such as, Power over ethernet and WiFi, email/ alert notifications, AI, Person detection, Motion detection on a DVR or NVR system recorded locally with review possible from multiple devices. Starting around $200.oo ish for 4 cameras, expandable to 8 cameras.

If anyone wants to say a Wyze Cam is equivalent to these other security systems that is your choice, as for “It is well worth the money,” that is debatable.

Consider this a challenge.

BACK UP what you say with mathematical, statistical facts & included features, instead of your personal opinion and conjecture on the matter. I will personally post specific systems for less money with no reoccurring fees (monthly or yearly) and the same if not more features on those systems, for less money, and no cloud data collection which is completely unnecessary.

Anyone one who then doubts the veracity of these statements will have iron clad data for direct comparison.

You can be an apologist for Wyze all you want at that point.

My cameras are NOT working, I WILL provide screen shots.

I am NOT paying $90.oo per year for cloud service when I asked Wyze when I bought the cams to provide RECORDING events DIRECTLY to their internal Micro SD card on the cams and was told it would eventually be forthcoming, and has NEVER materialized. I do not wish to buy a camera (to then pay a monthly credit card bill). When I am perfectly capable of controlling my own camera system without cloud service which is better and more efficient. AND; user/personal data is NOT being collected by cloud against my wishes for a fee I do not wish to pay.

Apologize for that!

I repeat: My cameras are NOT working, I cannot view events, on any of 6 cameras, period. And have not been able to do so for days now.

Today, I am buying a new security camera system which has end user security in mind and not monthly reoccurring fees which has compromised security not enhanced or increased security. I want a security camera system I can count on to work reliably 24/7, not a toy camera.

In my opinion that is NOT too much to ask when that is what I was sold and thought I purchased. It does not matter one iota to me how well all of YOUR cameras are working.

These are ALL facts and NOT simply my espousing of how great Wyze is for me. Opinions of Wyze with cameras which are NOT working, or security which is currently compromised and has been for days now, is not helpful, in any way, shape, or form.

I am NOT looking to appease Wyze Cam apologists, I WILL INSTALL A SECURITY CAMERA SYSTEM THAT IS RELIABLE with no reoccurring monthly/yearly fees & no cloud data collection. Meanwhile, I paid for these cameras & 4 year extended warranties, and they are NOW a TOTAL LOSS.

Anyone who reads this, if they are wise (pun intended) will look at a complete closed security camera system they can personally & individually control, themselves, in house. Wyze Cam is NOT a security camera system. The features have moved away from a cost saving, user friendly platform, to one with monthly/yearly fees & has always (in my opinion) been geared toward cloud/personal data collection, and not what is best for the end user’s privacy and security, and clearly has compromised mine in both instances. What has happened to any OTHER user is completely irrelevant and ONLY serves to gloss over ALL of these facts.

Cameras NOT working
Security Breeched
Money Lost
Time wasted
Personal data collected to cloud

NOT one single helpful solution to ANY of these problems has been offered. NOT ONE!

Thank you,

I may edit this as time permits

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