Doesn’t work as advertised

So I bought my two cameras a while ago because I saw they connect with google and you don’t need a subscription you can use a micro sd card for playback.
Here I am now, the cameras don’t stream to google home app and I cannot access the as footage without taking the card out and connecting it to a PC. It’s been a few months of waiting for the issues to get fixed. Anyone else in my boat?

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You absolutely do not need to take the uSD card out of a V3 camera in order to watch recorded video. On the camera main page, press the big green “View Playback” button at the bottom of the screen to watch recorded video on the uSD card in the app. A timeline will come up below the image. Give it a few seconds and the timeline will get a green background where ever there is recorded video. In my case I have the cameras set for continuous recording, so the green background will be continuous. If you record events only, it will be green only when there are events. There is a left and right arrow at the ends of the timeline that will take you to the next or previous video. You can scroll along the timeline to get to the time you want. Note that you can compress or expand the timeline by doing a pinch in or pinch out on the timeline. There is also a date selection below the timeline.

With that said, if you are attempting to view the uSD card video from the Events tab, SOME cameras have a known bug currently that prevents that from working. But that does not affect uSD card recording.

As for Google integration, I can’t help you on that as I don’t use that capability. Lots of people here do, and they should be able to assist.

Do you get this message trying to play the SD from events page.?
Will the SD playback from Live view?

Play from Live View:


Yes, I get that message SD card not found. I can’t play back from the app so I have to take it out and put it in my PC to see the footage. This is what I meant by can’t access footage without Pc.

What happens if you open the camera to the live view and tap View playback on the bottom of the screen?

I have a subscription at the moment so it can see all playback but can’t access through the microSD

The subscription videos are on the Events page. The shot I posted above “VIEW PLAYBACK” is the playback from the SD card when the cam is in live view… You did not answer the ? about what happens if you tap view playback from the camera in live view? Are you just recording events or continuous to the SD card, do you know?
This camera is set to record continuous.

Im only recording events. When I hit view playback I can see everything because I have a subscription. When I didn’t have a subscription I wasn’t able to view anything.

Subscriptions have nothing to do with SD card recording they are two different functions.
Without subscription you will just get still thumbnail photos on the events page, with a subscription you will get videos on the events page.
The events page is the cloud recordings saved on the servers that WYZE leases from AWS.
Even if you go to the cam settings and turn event recording (Cloud Recording) to off you will still get events recorded to the SD card.

I understand you are trying to explain it to me, and I appreciate the effort. I may not be explaining myself correctly. I know they are two separate functions. I’m pretty tech savvy. The functions are not working as they are supposed to. Main problem I cannot view anything from my microsd card from the I said I have to take it out and pull the data from Sd card to the pc. I’m using a class ten microSD and thats the recommend type of card to use.

Stop trying to access the uSD card recordings from the Events tab. Use the big green “View Playback” bar at the bottom of the camera live view screen.

I had tried that and it didn’t work for Me. Said no recordings available, I can’t currently show it because I have a subscription.

I suggest you change from event only recording to the SD card and set it to continuous recording to the SD card for maybe one or two hours and try using playback from live view again.

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Do your have uSD cards recording turned on?

I’ll try it but I’d like to just have events only.


I was not asking if you were set to continuous recording, only that you have uSD card recording turned on at all. Many times here on the forum, users are confused about the difference between uSD card recording and Event (cloud) recording. Your screen capture in the next post does show that something has been recorded at some point in time. Please post your Advanced setting page.

When I use the Google home app on my Android S22 ultra, while all of my cams are identified, only certain cams will livestream. Not all have met the Google standards. There are no options for anything else in the GHome app except to get doorbell person detection notifications on your GHome speaker.

I don’t understand all these extended explanations for something that is not there in the normal GHome app at least for android. It has been identified over and over that Google integration with Wyze is sorely lacking. You don’t have Wyze app functionality in the GHome app. Same is true for Alexa app, but you at least can view all of your cams livestreaming.

Anything else is a workaround that someone has designed/developed. If there is something different for IOS, please inform me. Sorry, but a GHome > Wyze capability thru existing apps that doesn’t exist is being made to seem like it does.

If anyone can enlighten me any differently and I can experience it on my GHome app, I’ll gladly post a huge apology to the forum and all participants.

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Yes I have it set to recording,

From what I understand, we’re supposed to be able to live stream straight to the Google home app so we can see all the different cameras we have in one place. I used to have a Nooie camera and it would stream to my GHapp. These cameras were supposed to be able to do the same thing it is detected, but it does not live stream.