Cam V3 Event recording stop with uSD card without any subscription

I have Cam V3 working since 10/2022 with uSD card for event recording without any Subscription(Even without a Cam Plus Lite) as per your support website. But as of last week I receive the notification after each event tiger with picture but when I click playback I receive the message “No videos at the selected time”. Live stream, record, take photo all functions work fine.
I open the support case and share the log with log ID 874842 but I have not received any resolution yet. So far we tried restart, reset camera, format uSD with exFAT, replace new uSD, confirm latest FW :, latest app on android phone: v2.38.0(153), confirm no connectivity issue with and without Wi-Fi , verify no filter is set but no success for event recoding on uSD. After reformatting uSD card it start event recording ~ 5 times then same issue reappear i.e. Wyze block recording in uSD. When I check uSD card in PC I can see those 5 recording but no event recording after that. Any idea why event recording to uSD block?

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The link you get is to the Event Tab and not the SD Card. Without Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite, you will not receive any events in the event tab.

Assuming you still have the SD Card in the camera, can you start the Live Stream of your V3, go to the bottom of the live stream page and select View Play Back. This should take you to the SD-Card to review.

When I follow the steps you indicated I get the same message. “No video at the selected time”. Even I forward/rewind or check in the PC there is no video. When I click the notification/event link I receive with picture after event triggering then same error message as well.

My main question is as per support website " Is event recording work with uSD card without any subscription with latest FW"?

Absolutely yes. The first question is do you have the uSD card set to record? If uSD card recording is not turned on, then you are right, you wont get uSD card recording.

Are you trying to access events on the Events tab, or via the “View playback” on the selected camera?

Are you trying to watch the uSD card recordings via the app with the card in the camera, or are you pulling the uSD card and plugging it into a PC to watch? If the latter, have you figured out the file folder format?

Yes. Under Advance Setting/ Record to uSD card is set for Events Only. I get error message from both places (Events tab and View Playback. First I tried to watch recording via the app with the card in the camera. Then I move the card to PC and watch under record folder which has file stored with time stamp. I have 128G uSD card. I have not tired yet any smaller size card yet.

Switch the cam to continuous recording for an hour or 2 then check the contents of the card.

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I tried Continuous record instead of Event only and when I checked the playback on uSD card then same error message. I checked the uSD card in PC and no recording. I saw only few events capture after formatting the card then uSD card saving stop. If I format the card again then same way it will record few events then it will stop accessing uSD card and store on cloud. See the attached pictures.