Doesn’t work as advertised

What model Wyze cam do you have? If I have that model, I’ll check for livestreaming in GHome app I have on my phone. Remember, I did identify that not all Wyze cams currently have livestreaming capability in the app.

I have the following livestreaming on the GHome app when I select them, but only 1 at a time:

Cam v2, v3 & v3 Pro
Cam OG & OG Telephoto
Battery Cam Pro
Cam Pan v1 & v2
Floodlight Cam v2
Doorbell Cam v2

Cam Pan v3 and Outdoor Cam v1 will not stream.

I have a v3

@thomasb841 - easy fix if your screenshot is accurate. You can’t use a 5g network. Switch to a 2.4g network to fix this. Except for maybe 1 or 2 cams, Wyze is exclusively 2.4g. Surprised you even got the camera setup on 5g, should have gotten an error for network in the setup.

As a precaution, close the Wyze and GHome apps. Switch to 2.4g network, then restart your phone. It looks like your network is a 5g cellular network. I have separate wifi and cellular signal icons. Either 2.4g wifi or 2.4g cellular. Did you install GHome and the cam with 5g or 2.4g? May have to reinstall. Make the network switch on the phone first and try before deleting and reinstalling apps.

Nope. The 5G on the screen capture is his cellular connection - has nothing to do with 5 GHz WiFi.


Thanks. Perhaps you replied before I added an update (2nd paragraph) where I addressed this. I was fairly certain it was cellular. Either way, Wyze and 5g don’t play together. Funny because my battery cam pros were advertised initially as 2.4 and 5 capable. Still have the box with that declaration in writing on it. When I initially set them up, it was on 5g and confirmed in my mesh as the linked network. However. Wyze is now declaring the BCPro works only on 2.4g and sure enough, when I checked in the mesh, they have been assigned to 2.4g. Had to happen with an update. Currently, the Cam v4 is listing 6g and Floodlight Cam Pro 5g connectivity.

@thomasb841- Interestingly, when I turn off wifi and go cellular 4g on my phone, only 2 cams will livestream in the GHome app, the Cam OG & OG Telephoto. Go figure!! as they say.

My cameras as set up on a 2.4 WiFi. Are you saying I can only access them if my phone is also on 2.4. I don’t think that would the case but I’ll give it a try later.

No, you can access them in the Wyze app on 5g, but that doesn’t translate across all apps. Did you see my last post? You get the GHome results you are looking for if your phone is on 2.4g wifi. I followed up with the Alexa app when on 4g only on my phone and livestreaming results were much the same as using the Wyze app. So this issue is Google related. I just always use the Wyze app or my Echo show for livestreaming. I have routines set up for the show in Alexa to auto livestream for certain events.

It is easy to confuse 5G (fifth generation phone technology) and 5GHz (the 5GHz band of wifi).

Thank you for that statement, since 3g, 4g, 5g is phone equivalent technology for wifi in the cellular network spectrum.

Not exactly. Comparing 5G (Generation) is more equivalent, if you must, to being compared to AX (wifi 6), AC (wifi 5). IMO. While each are faster, they represent a new iteration or generation.

I’m on 2.4g at the moment and still getting cannot connect to camera, it’s streaming fine to Wyze app.

You do not agree that 3g and 4g are cellular wifi?Forget the generational iterations. No comparisons were being made. Isn’t 4g still prominent with 5g moving fast to the front of cellular depending on cellphone capability and manufacturing.

What is your phone model. Did you go into “works with google” and link your Wyze account? If not, do so. If you did, I might suggest deleting it out and relinking in Google. I’m assuming you did or you would not see the cams under camera in the GHome app. Did you link in GHome under the same network the cams were set up with in the Wyze app?

Correct. You can use 3G/4G/5G without using wifi. Two different animals. Nothing indicates what the tech specs are. The next step, design or iteration will 6G for the cell service. Wifi is defined by standards and specs.

Yes 4G is still common. 5G is growing in use.

There should be a specific section labeled, "Doesn’t work as advertised ".

Add Wyze 2019 bulbs to the list. The app doesn’t allow you to add bulbs on Android or on iOS.

Fully aware of that distinction and that cellular and wifi are different and operate independently. What if I made the statement that cellular was analogous to wifi in their network applications? Does that make sense and put us on common ground? Just trying to strike a balance in the context of discussion for the non-tech readers.

Agree on 6g as the next iteration for cellular. Will it compare to 6e or 7 wifi? I have 6e which is as they say, a maiden in waiting.

I can see that comparison.


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