Detection zone not changing

My detection zone was too large and was picking up my front yard flag waving, so I made my detection zone much smaller to exclude the flag, but it’s still seeing the flag and everything else that I eliminated, The zone is too large. I tried rebooting my phone, still is the large zone. Anyway to make a smaller detection zone?

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Assume you mean the V2 cam. There is a minimum size for the detection zone.
Want more control? If you like to experiment, join the Beta Team
They have selectable detection zone. A few bugs but interesting.
Either way, its in the works. Hope a elease versionis available soon! :slightly_smiling_face:

One hint is to wait a good long time, 5 or 10 seconds, after going to the settings to make sure you’re really loading the current camera setup, before adjusting the zone. If you go too fast it never really shows the current zone or saves changes …


that did not work. i tried waiting a minute, still a wide detection zone, thanks for the suggestion.

I am still having the same issue with the detection zone.