Detection zone box size

Since the last update (android) the detection box size has been limited. In the past I could make it as small as I wanted. This way I can avoid trees, bushes etc. The new software only allows a much larger box. How can I go back to the previous software?

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You should still be able to adjust the size of the detection box. This would be under camera settings, detection settings, detection zone. Let me say mine work and I am update on firmware and app. PD is working.

I can adjust the size, however it will not go as small as it did before.

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I am using Android app v2.9.29.
I can set the detection box to a square about 1/3 the screen height and, being square, the same width. Were you able to make it smaller than that before?

This is the smallest I can set it

Here is how small I used to be able to get it.

I created a collage using your image and from mine and we can see the difference in the "smallest size)

(my previous post was a screenshot of a v2, but this is from my PanCam, as is yours)

I was able to get smaller with my V2 before the latest update.

I used to make the Detection Zone as small as possible. Now seems to default to a size that is too big for my use.
Does anyone know how to reduce the default detection zone size-Like it used to be?

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There are a couple more posts on the subject.
I haven’t seen a response from Wyze on the subject.


Update to new v2.9.30 and cant adjust the detection zone box any least then half the screen, use to be able to adjust it to a thin box on old app, any thing I can do to fix this?


There is another thread about this same subject - obviously a change in functionality.

EDIT: I’m on 2.10.3 WyzeBeta app

However, you state (I’m paraphrasing) “to no less than 1/2 of the camera’s portal”, which is in contrast to what others can mask, ie, to a rectangular smaller than 1/2 the portal… for example , I can select a rectangle much less than 1/2 the portal view

Sorry I didn’t realize there was another thread, but yes before I updated the app to the v2.9.30 yesterday, I could select a rectangle much less then 1/2 the portal same as in your pic, but now It will only adjust down to half… Is there a way to get that back?

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No problem - I only state that so folks know this isn’t an isolated issue.

I see two ways to “fix” it
a) downgrade to the previous [non-beta] version
b) move to the WyzeBeta version [1]

[1] it’s the version I’m using and do not see the issue

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How would I downgrade back to the old version that I had before?

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I have the same problem, zone no smaller than 3/4 of field.
going to beta version did not help.
This makes the cam almost unusable due to interference
from unwanted devices.
I did not have this problem several months ago. Must have
happened from a automatic upgrade.


I tried going back to old version and it remains a problem there, and went to beta version and same problem, contacted tech support and she said it’s the norm for now, that I could suggest a fix in wishlist or roadmap, and I looked in both and there’s other suggesting better control or even a new grid system

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One of the recent updates has made it so I can’t reduce the size of the detection zone enough, I went it to adjust it slightly and it jumped and made it much larger and can’t reduce size enough.


I have merged some other topics on the same subject with this one.

I really like the Cam Pan but the area I’m monitoring for motion is a bit smaller than what the zone setting allows. Is there any way to shrink the zone box further? Perhaps Wyse could allow this in a future firmware update.

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