Detection zone (smallest zone, height wise, still too big)

Hi, I can vaguely remember being able to set smaller parameters in the zone detection settings maybe a few updates ago, with the recent updates I can’t set the zones to cover a smaller area so that I don’t get unnecessary alerts from high traffic areas, it seems like such SILLY regression in an update or am I doing something wrong in trying to set it? The smallest the zone box can go vertically is rougly half of the screen, no smaller than that. Some answers would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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I have the same issue with all of my v2 cams now too (detection zone will not adjust as narrow as it did previously causing unwanted alerts). Have you found a solution yet?

I’ve had same issue as well. Seems like a total step backwards. Communication with support through emails have gone nowhere.

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SAME EXACT problem. WHY did Wyze change the detection zone user interface to force us to use a larget area ?? Need to go the exact opposite and let us drop the zone to any size above a few pixels (and ideally a polygon too - not just a rectangle).

I am in a a use context where I want to monitor ONLY at the lower edge of my exterior window to prevent INTRUSION and trigger events only right at the window pane lower edge (like a break in). I am in a condo where there’s a sidewalk in front and one neighbor goes by often (a total busy-body OCD nerd that loves to walk around back and forth all day snooping on everyone and gossiping). I want to trigger only on a wide slim rectangle - both to prevent nuisance alarms and also so I can in good faith tell people I am not spying on them if just passing by. Getting lots of gossip and problems explaining that its not continuous monitoring and only someone breaking in would set off an alarm notice event and forensic data capture. PLEASE WYZE put it back the way it was and let ME COMPLETELY control both the trigger sensitivity AND the active area.

Really want to use it primarily as a motion detector for near activity that then triggers a forensic recording video.

All these ad hoc mods make no sense.

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@FLJD @shawnli84 @MikeL

Yes, the detection zones in 2019 versions of the app could be much smaller than you can make them now. :rage:

You can vote of this Wishlist item - it somewhat addresses the issue - if and when Wyze decides to listen to the users, or at least explain why they did what they did.

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Count me in on the same issues:
Detection zone too large, no longer as sizeable as in previous version(s).
Too many events, as if detection is full-screen and 100% sensitivity,

The screen shot shows the smallest zone I can get, the red zone is as close as I can remember of what I had when events worked perfectly with a 25% setting for people crossing in front of the cam in a window as they approach my front door to the right. (Those black rectangles are tape on the window to block a street light.)

For Wyze team members, reference ticket 690748.


Wyze Cam
Wyze App 2.11.40
Galaxy Tab A SM-T580 (10" screen)
Android 8.0