New detection zone issue (Bug)

I love being able to set a custom detection zone, but I’m getting notifications and subsequent recordings of events outside the designated zone. It’s like the whole area independent of my settings.


I came on here to post the same thing.

In most of my videos the motion tagging is outside of the set detection zone.


Same here, it’s buggy. Im trying to leave out a small palm tree out of the detection zone and I still get notifications from it. Same thing if I entirely flip the zones.


I have the exact same problem.
So after testing the exclusion zones extensively, I’m still getting movement detected well within the exclusion zones.
I can understand if it occurs near or at the edge of the exclusion zone, but it’s regularly picking up movement from well within the zone.
I’ve played with sensitivity, if I reduce it to where it stops doing this it no longer detects anything outside of the exclusion zones either.
I’ll play with it some more, but just wanted to hear if anyone else was experiencing this, or figured out how to stop it.


I reverted back to v199 for the pool facing camera and set up the old style exclusion zone, it’s working perfectly.
The thing to note is that the old style exclusion zone does not include the pool, it’ll pick up people swimming in the pool, but never picked up ripples caused by the wind or pool pump on the surface as “movement detected” the new style does pick it up even if the entire pool is excluded from the detection zone… With an extra layer of squares around that to prevent possible beading over… That’s 90% of my back yard… Not useful, as it is, at all.

Can someone from Wyze clarify this for certain - which squares are supposed to be excluded? The dark ones or the light ones?

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The dark ones make up the exclusion zone… I think :thinking:

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I’ve done it both ways and the problems persists


If the dark one’s are the exclusion than it’s not working correctly. And this was a triggered event.

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On my driveway cam, I darkened the bushes that were triggering movement detection and it seems to have worked.
Although we’ve not seen heavy wind since then.
We’ll have to wait and see.

Yeah this palm tree is a headache for me :joy:, I have it blackout but no luck.:person_shrugging:


same issue…

not just that, but it seems like its a non stop motion glitch from the same spot

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Same problem, the blocked out area, a main road running left-right horizontally at the top of the monitored area now generates so many notifications I have had to disable detection. The old rectangular box was better than this.

I have tried blacking out as well as whiting out the area of interest with no good results as well as adjusting sensitivity all the way to the lowest.

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I am having the same issue, Roald how did you revert back to FW 199? I am tired of my flag giving me false events.

It’s an option under firmware version in the camera setup, select the firmware verion on the camera by clicking on it, the current firmware version info will pop up, at the bottom of the screen, theres a question “having problems?” click on that and the revert back options should pop up.

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There was a post yesterday by @WyzeAndy stating that the new fw213 is available which, from the log looks like they addressed the detection zone issues, but my app says that I’m up to date on 207… Waiting for it to be available today hopefully.
Read it here:

The firmware is live for me as I type :+1: let’s see

Me too, so far so good, looks like a lot fewer detections in the exclusion zone, still getting a few off the ripples on the pool, they’re sparkly, could be the reason… We’ll see how it goes.

So, after the install of 213 fw and 15.16 app yesterday, initially it looked like the detection of movement within the exclusion zone was fixed… Or at least a lot better. This lasted pretty much all day, today, this afternoon actually the cameras were back to detecting movement well within the exclusion zone, maybe not quite as badly as before, but still very frequently.

same here it did not last much