Defective Security Hubs

The Wyze Home Security Hubs are defective and don’t recharge the rechargeable battery! Beware, they also won’t honor their warranty. When my 1st one died 3 months in, they sent a replacement. When I got the replacement, I tested it and it failed. I contacted support twice, both in the app and by phone, and they refused to send a tested replacement. They told me that I would have to buy a new one even though it was still under warranty. I then tested 4 more hubs and every one of them is bad/defective. I’m considering legal action to stop them from selling defective products. As a note, I used to love their products, but no longer since they don’t stand behind them. Shameful.

My hub has often worked on the battery backup, but there was one time where my hub had a dead battery and didn’t stay on when the power went out. I thought the battery had finally just bit the dust, so I plugged it into a UPS and figured I’d get around to replacing the battery later. But then one day I disconnected it from the UPS and the Hub stayed on. The battery was back to full power and working again. That was a little strange, but I guess it wasn’t dead after all and does sometimes charge the battery.

Now I have an Android phone and an old iPhone that I leave plugged in 24/7 on my office desk and noticed that they seem to do the same thing. I leave them charging 24/7 for weeks or months at a time and then when I happen to take them off the charger, they will sometimes die within a few seconds or minutes, but if I disconnect them then plug them in again for a few minutes or hours and then disconnect them again, they will have enough battery to last for hours instead of seconds.

Then I found an APC UPS that did the same thing to me. Battery in it went dead and I had to disconnect it and reconnect it to get it to charge again. Apparently this is a common issue?

So I have come to the conclusion that since the same thing seems to happen with both Android and Apple phones that have a rechargeable battery in them (and strangely, even some UPS’s), that the main issue may have something to do with a battery device that is left charging 24/7 for so long. Maybe they switch off of charging the battery for long lengths of time and doesn’t check again for a while or something. IDK. I don’t really have the answers, I can only report that I found the same thing happened with other devices that start charging 24/7 too, and sometimes if I disconnect and then reconnect them they will charge like normal. This is pretty frustrating when we want to rely on battery backup stuff. Maybe some engineer can explain it better, but I have found it’s absolutely not limited to the Wyze Hub. It seems to be some kind of flaw in battery devices that have a constant 24/7 power source and how the devices choose when to top off the battery or not.

Regardless, sorry to hear you’re struggling with this. Like I said, I had my hub show a dead battery just once and I thought it was just burned out, but then it started charging up again. I would say that I wish it would show us a battery percentage, but in my experience this doesn’t necessarily help because the iPhone I leave plugged in will say it is 100% full on the battery but then die within a few seconds of me unplugging it, so I have to unplug it, then plug it back in, let it charge for a while from a fresh connection, then can unplug it again. So I am not sure what the technical resolution is that all device manufacturers including Apple and Android can implement, but there has got to be some way to improve battery charging on devices with 24/7 power.

I added a new Sense Hub in January and it is already dead. The first one lasted maybe 8 months. Definitely an issue cannot replace the battery easily. At 29.99 a pop they are not a good product and have issues.