Flaw with the wyze Hub

Turns out there is a weakness in the hub design that can cause the hub to go offline and refuse to reconnect.

If the usb power brick that comes with the hub starts to die it knocks the hub offline.

The hub wont say its on battery power and gives no indication that anything wrong other then a very brief change in the lights.

Nothing you do well restore the hubs connection.

Replacing the power brick on the other hand causes the hub to function normally again.

Seems the ones that come with the wyze hubs have a annoying of habit of failing.

Since there no instructions to test for this its quite likely more then a few wyze hubs have been sent back as failed when it was the power brick that did so.

Wyze needs to address this as its not easy to spot and they have nothing in their instructions for it.

interesting, I completely understand though, most people don’t realize that you can simply change out the power brick and the failure rate is probably fairly low on those. As they have many less parts, The Hub itself is probably more likely to fail than the brick. Granted I’m not an employee and I haven’t seen statistical numbers on either. But it’s definitely something that I will keep in mind when people bring any issues they’re having with the hub to the forums here and the Maven team has a chance to troubleshoot.

Can I ask what you replaced your brick with and where you got it? This could be very valuable information in the future :slight_smile: