Sense Hub Using Battery

I recently received the new Home Monitoring system. Since the first day of setup, my main hub has displayed the message: Sense Hub Using Battery. However, it has been plugged in the entire time. I have thought about pushing the reset button to see if it would clear the message, but I’m worried it might do a factory reset and I’ll have to re-sync all the sensors again,

Anyone else have this issue?

Hi. I’m not seeing that. Where does it show up? I even unplugged mine for a little bit and didn’t see it. Let me know, and I’ll do some more tests…see if I can get it to show up and then go away.

Thanks @themdg . It shows up in a few places.

  1. Home screen with the list of devices

  2. In the Monitoring screen

  3. In the actual hub device screen

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Are you using the supplied power cord and brick? Checked their connections?

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Interesting. Maybe I’m not seeing it because I don’t have my monitoring activated yet. Seems like the battery backup is specific to monitoring. If you’ve checked your connections as @Omgitstony suggests, might just try another cable and power supply…maybe one from a camera. Just as a quick test.

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Yes, I’m using the supplied cable and power brick that came with the hub and system. I’ve unplugged and plugged them back in multiple times. The other odd thing, the battery sits at 100%. So it is getting a charge.


Sounds like it’s getting a charge, but doesn’t think it is. After a bit more experimentation, I’d raise a ticket with support. Might not be fun, but you could do as you suggest, and try resetting the unit…even if you had to end up re-adding all your devices. If it worked, it would be better than sending it back, etc.

Yeah, that was going to be my last resort. I’ll do it today report back what happens. Thanks!


Did you ever get it fixed? I have the same issue.

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Has this issue been fixed yet? My sense hub is also showing that it is running on battery power, but it is actually plugged in. And I cannot update the hub’s firmware from to because Wyze thinks my hub is running on battery (“cannot update while running on battery”) and wants me to plug it in…it is plugged in. Been this way for weeks.


I have same issue. Version sensors are not reporting to app either, although the hub pings when doors are opened or closed.

Same problem here,. Then I found out my connection wasnt plugged all the way in