New WHM setup and my Hub keeps saying 'Low Battery"

I have a brand new WHM setup and my Sense Hub keeps saying ‘Low Battery’ every now and then. I only have 4 Entry Sensors and a Keypad, and none of them show in the app as having a Low Battery.

That announcement is from the hub for its internal battery. Either it isn’t charging correctly or it is faulty. Possibility it could also be the firmware on the hub so you should check for an update. If nothing resolves it you should contact Wyze support, probably for a replacement.


My issue with Hub low battery was when in setup I got a note that an update should be performed. When update chosen a response was that my battery was too low. I checked and connected variouse charge adapters and USB cables all with no improvement, and the battery reading continued to drop until it was nil. I have filed a service request and am waiting for a reply. Seems like a failed unit?