Wyze HMS sensor battery warnings

Two odd things happened today.

Firstly one of my entry sensors for my HMS sent me a low battery alert. If I look at that sensor it says battery is normal. I’d hope they would last longer than the few months I’ve had them?

The second, I got an email from Amazon for a reordering prompt (I’ve never set this up) for two of my sensors saying based on usage they estimate the battery to be low and I should order more CR 1632 batteries, which is not even the battery type in the sensor is it?


There is an open conversation on this topic:

I had this same thing happen todays as well. I have 17 contact sensors in my HMS system and I got those same Alexa alerts on 5 of them earlier today. When I opened the Wyze app, the little battery icon was showing next to the names of those sensors. Now tonight, I just looked and the battery icons are not showing. I installed and activated my system on June 1 so this was only 3 month to the day since I started using the system. Lets hope this was just a server anomaly - I don’t look forward to having to change all 17 of my batteries every 3 months!

Yep, happened to me also in a few, cleared up now and all read normal battery from the app.

Same got a bunch of notifications says batteries were low CR1632 Battery from Alexa and there AAA batteries in all of them :woozy_face:

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Yes, if Amazon is going to leverage their inside information to generate extra sales, they should at least figure out how to identify what battery the person needs, lol. :rofl:


I know right … lol