HMS Sensor Batteries After a Year

It is coming up on a year since a lot of us first activated our HMS sensors. I was wondering what is best practices for changing the batteries out. Just wait for low battery warnings, I have heard this could brick them. Or just replace them annually like a fire alarm?

The v1 sensors were the sensors that had the bricking problems on a dead battery. I believe they fixed that in the v2 sensors. I hade two with the batteries out for several months and they both came back to life. Also, I am not sure how accurate the app battery level reporting is. I have asked for an additional “Battery Strength” tracker report page with % life remaining within the HMS but never got a reply.

I am just going to wait until they alert me just to see how long they will go.


Thanks for the info that it was fixed in V2 sensors! They do imply 18 month battery life but I was a bit concerned about the bricking issue. I guess I’ll wait too but I will be keeping an eye on the forum.

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