Entry Sensor Battery Low

Most likely not a big deal, but given the emails I’ve received today regarding all the AWS issues Wyze has been experiencing I thought I might ask if anyone else has noticed this today…

Earlier I got a notification that one of my Entry Sensor’s battery was low and needed to be replaced. I did, problem solved. That sensor is about 4 months old now so nothing that seemed unusual. Then a few minutes ago a friend of mine sent me a screen shot for one of his that we ordered and installed only a couple of weeks ago needing it’s battery replaced. Again, most likely not a big deal, but was just curious if this might have happened on a larger scale today or just more of a coincidence for us.


I have a notification about entry sensor battery low too. I installed brand new about 3 months ago. Don’t know if it’s really the battery or AWS related issue.

Yep, I got 2 notifications for 2 different sensors that the battery is low and needs to be replaced. I have several other sensors that did not do this yet though.

The one that first notified of low battery, no longer shows it has a low battery.

The second that notified of low battery shows the words low battery on the home screen.

I haven’t replaced either of them, I want to see how long it lasts between the notification and actual dead battery.

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Now I just started getting back to back notifications.

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I have had 4 sensors suddenly alert me today that they need new batteries, over the course of the past 3 hours.

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Friend just got 2 additional notifications on brand new entry sensors.

I opened and closed my doors. It appears fine now.

Yep. To all having this issue, if you get the notification your Home Screen will also say the battery is low next to the sensor.

If you then open and close the sensor, the status will apparently update/reset and no longer show the battery is low anymore.

This must be some kind of a bug. It could be due to the AWS issue earlier today or it could be due to a bug in a Hub firmware update. Regardless, I don’t think it really meant the battery was low on any of the sensors.

Just realized one of the sensors that said battery low should only be a few weeks old/used. There is NO WAY the battery is already almost dead.

I knew my first alert cleared for some reason but didn’t know why. After the above post, I opened and closed the second sensor it happened to and it cleared the low battery status. I am definitely going with it being a bug and not really a low battery.

Log # 286566 (To help Devs look into this issue)


Thanks, I agree, report it. The target is for all sensors to last longer than a few months, so anything less needs to be reported. I got the alert tonight too, but my battery reports ‘normal’.


HA! I just got 2 emails from Amazon saying that they were notified (from my Alexa Link with all my Wyze devices) that my sensor batteries were low and I need new to buy new CR1632 batteries (the batteries that go into the V1 sensors). The reason that is funny is that the 2 sensors it said that for (Front Door and Garage Door) are both V2 contact sensors, not V1’s, so something is DEFINITELY messed up here. I do have a few V1’s that I use as Smart Light Switches, but I checked and they aren’t low on batteries and none of them are named Front Door or Garage door anyway. Alexa is trying to get me to buy V1 batteries for my V2 sensors when my V2 sensor batteries aren’t actually dead either, and they’re they wrong battery type too!

If you get the same email from Amazon, DO NOT buy the replacement batteries if they are suggesting these for your V2 sensors!

The V2’s all use standard AAA Batteries! Not Cell batteries! Amazon might just be guessing at the type of battery because I have actually ordered V1 sensor batteries from Amazon before.

Email I got from Amazon about these low batteries for the V2’s:


Received the messages from Amazon too.
Amazon email notified of the Motion Sensor as well.


I just got a brand new kit on Monday, installed everything same day. Yesterday I got a notification on low battery on both the Entry sensor and Motion sensor.

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WyzeBaohua on Reddit confirmed to me the following:

Sorry for the inconvenience. This issue was related to the AWS issue yesterday, which has been fixed now. Please let me know if the issue still exists. Thanks

So this issue was part of the Amazon server issues yesterday.


Happened to me today also. 5 out of my 17 Contact Sensors reported as having low batteries. When I opened the app, a little battery icon was showing in the app next to the name of the V2 sensor. That was early this afternoon. Just now, 10pm, I looked and the battery icons are gone and all seems to be well.
The Wyze HMS - definitely a work in progress and never a dull moment!!

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An email I received about a half hour ago:


Hello again,

This message is about the Wyze Home Monitoring low battery app notification and the email that you may have received from Amazon earlier this week about low battery levels for your sensors.

If you received either of these messages, please check the battery level using the Home tab in the Wyze app. The messages sent may not have been accurate.

If it is time for you to replace your batteries, please use AAA batteries for your Wyze Sense v2 Entry and Motion Sensors instead of the battery types listed in the Amazon email.

We apologize for any confusion that this may have caused and we are looking into why this happened to prevent it from occurring again.

If you have any trouble with your Wyze Home Monitoring, please contact our support team at support.wyze.com.

Thank you for your time!


Received a Battery Message Yesterday and Today. Received the one today at 5:46pm.

Both indicated I had to repace the CR1632 battery for the Door to Garage and The Side Gate. However, those are v2 Contact Sensors as well, so require AAA batteries. As indicated, the message is not accurate, My batteries report as Normal.

Problem still exists I guess.

Wyze, Thanks for this. I got the notice yesterday and ordered the batteries it stated, They just arrived. They were enroute so I could not cancel them. Now I am more or less out the 8.00 bucks for the batteries due to an error on your part. I can return them for free by driving to a locker in downtown chicago to drop them off or I can take them to the UPS store for 5.99 cost to drop them off. So your error either costs me 60-90 minutes of my time or 8.00. Great job!!!

FYI, I do not work for Wyze. I am a community Member as well.

I am absolutely amazed that nobody is picking up on the sinister nature of this Wyze low battery notification followed immediately by an Amazon sales pitch to order batteries. Even if the correct battery had been suggested it still indicates that Wyze is selling sales leads to Amazon.

There is everything wrong about that and Wyze should be told in no uncertain terms that we won’t put up with our device use conditions be sold to vendors for profit.

And the person who tried to claim that somehow the AWS server problem had something to do with this breach of trust is either clueless or thinks we are.

Here’s how I interpret the situation from a more personal responsibility perspective (which has really improved my life overall… Though I totally accept others having a different opinion or perspective):

My understanding is that when we link any smart devices to Alexa, it then gets access to nearly everything that device has the ability to communicate (because we approved for Alexa to do this) and Amazon is just taking advantage of that. I don’t think Wyze really had much to do with the email or they would’ve made sure to recommend the correct battery. Amazon is totally guessing based on history algorithms, not based on accurate information. Everything involved here indicates that the AWS issue probably contributed to a false battery level status issued by many of Wyze’s sensors. Since we gave Alexa permission to monitor all activity by our devices (by us linking our Wyze account to Amazon and agreeing to the Alexa terms and conditions agreement that they can monitor all our activity), when they saw a battery notification come in, Amazon decided to send us spam ostensibly as a “helpful notice” all on their own… And they screwed up… But it worked, lots of people ordered V1 batteries, other social media has people saying they believed Amazon’s recommendation.

If Wyze was getting a cut out of it or actively participated in this, I’d at least expect it to link to the correct battery or that they’d have it link to newly for sale batteries on their own site rather than a bunch of 3rd parties and wrong batteries. Wyze may have some responsibility here (protection against false notifications built into their code somehow), but I’d say most of the blame is on Amazon (for their AWS crash), then us (for actively agreeing to let Alexa data collect everything on our devices and the data, and some people trusting Amazon without checking the battery personally), then Amazon again for spamming us and giving false information, then lastly and least would be Wyze (they could’ve chosen a different partner or done it themselves or coded something to prevent false battery status… It only happened with V2’s, not V1s so there must be something that could’ve been done differently since it didn’t happen to V1 sensors).

So yes, Wyze has some accountability here, though so does everyone else, including us, ourselves. We wouldn’t have received those emails from Amazon if we hadn’t approved for Alexa to spy on us as they wish and do it. Our society does value blaming over taking responsibility though. Wyze is not perfect either, but as corporations go, Wyze has always been one of the most forthright in my experience. I don’t always agree with them, but I appreciate how much more communication and transparency we do get compared to most others.

I would expect Wyze to look for a fix to prevent future battery notification issues, Amazon to send a retraction and apology and offer returns, refunds, mailing labels, etc for the mistaken orders, and us to realize we approved Alexa access to spy on us and gave access to our Wyze data voluntarily… And us to realize we trusted Amazon over looking for ourselves or asking Wyze what the correct battery is (for those of us who screwed up).

That’s how I see it… But I’ve come to try taking personal responsibility counter to convention. I am totally accepting of anyone who has different opinions or interpretations of the situation… But taking in everything as a whole while including my own choices, allows me some peace and to feel that reasonable responses (as discussed in the previous paragraph) are totally acceptable. I can always stop using Alexa or Wyze if I feel they betray me, but so far I don’t think they’ve come close to crossing that line for me.