Deactivate complete motion capture

Due to the latest update fiasco I had to reset one camera. Now it has the 14 day free Cam Plus trial. I’ve been trying to figure out how to deactivate complete motion capture but nothing seems to work.
Any suggestion would help


You can go to Wyze Home Monitoring Service and remove the service from the camera. The login is the same as the Wyze app.

Didn’t work. Cam plus free trial isn’t listed. Only my name your price is. I can’t seem to find anywhere that allows me to turn off the free trial.

I figured it out thanks

Do you mind if I ask what you did? I’m being annoyingly bombarded by complete motion notifications and want it gone. I went to the link and it’s not listed as well.

In the app Try “Accounts” then “Services” then “Person Detection” and a list of your cams should be visible.