CAM Plus Trial forced signup

I can change the registered cam. I can use the licence for another cam. Just unchecked the registered cam, select the one you want and activate. I have just did it. 13 days left🙂

That is great! Still would be better not to be forced into a trial until/if we want or are ready for it, but that is pretty sweet if you can switch it around to a different cam! I might’ve actually tested it out if I’d known I could switch the trial to a cam I actually use. Will keep that in mind for the future. Thanks for sharing.

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What a switch since they started…greed


I do not want this free trial. i willl return cameras if i cannot turn this annoyance off. when will you update your software to support an off/ decline button for trial? then notify periodically by email? I can not recommend this to anyone at this point. never used to have this problem until upgrade. Fix it or lose a bunch of customers… please :slight_smile:


I always like getting free stuff and I didn’t have a problem with Wyze signing me up for the free 14-day Cam Plus trial, especially since they didn’t ask for a credit card and it didn’t renew automatically. That’s an unusual approach for a company but I was OK with it… at first. BUT, I now realize that it is COSTING me money. I have my Wyze system connected to the internet via a portable wifi hotspot and I am using Google Fi for that connection. It costs me $10 per GB of data. Cam Plus is uploading about 0.3 GB of data per day and there appears to be no way to turn it off (other than turning off the camera). Fortunately, I have only connected one camera so far. This 14-day “free” trial is going to cost me about $40 to $50 in data usage! If you come up with a means of turning Cam Plus off, please let me know. I have reduced the camera resolution to 360p in hopes that it will send less data to the cloud. Thank you.

This might help, not sure:

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Well, when I look at Services it appears that Cam Plus is not activated. I’m not sure why I’ve been using so much data. Maybe it’s just from firmware updates, etc. I’ll monitor it to see if it goes down now that I’m done setting things up.

You’re also supposed to be able to specify which cameras do and do not have CamPlus activated. Others have more first hand experience with this.

You can select which camera uses the trial in Account > Services.
I think you can choose to not use it at all.



Anyone know if you can use cam plus service for a couple cameras and the name your price service for others?

Yep, you can (to my understanding).

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Nice thanks…do you know if you have to sign up for one over the other first?

I think they’re independent of one another. The important thing is to accept the Blame Our Price offer before it expires this week.

As you may know the experiment offer is for all cameras on the account while CamPlus is per camera.

Yep got ya

Removing the service from the camera should do the trick in the app. Thanks for bringing up this issue! I’ll share it with the team.

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August 28, 2020

October 13, 2020

I recently bought a another cam from Wyze and saw that it forced a free trial for Cam Plus. My first cam didn’t do this. Will I be charged at the end of the free trial? I can’t find a way to cancel it.

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You won’t be charged.
You can’t cancel it. Nice eh?
You can remove it from your camera in the app under Account > Services > Cam Plus?.

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The “Team” obviously doesn’t care.