Cam Protect Disrupting Home Monitoring Service


I am having difficulties with the app and the Cam Plus Pro service overriding the Home Monitoring service on the app. The free trial for Cam Plus does not end until the 30th of May ( I have already canceled it through my app and apple subscriptions). I contacted Wyze support and they indicated that since I purchased the Cam Plus Pro through the app any further troubleshooting would be done by Apple since they cannot access data from in-app purchases… Seems ridiculous to me. However, on Apple’s “manage subscriptions tab” on their website, it takes me directly to the Wyze developer’s website.
I am not able to find how to cancel an already active free trial for Cam Plus Pro through the Wyxe app or Apple subscriptions. The Cam Plus Pro does not work with an already existing Home Monitoring subscription and the developers have no idea how to make the app appear showing ONLY the Home Monitoring service (I already paid a whole year for and have numerous devices set up with). Please let me know if you have any ideas on how to fix my app and remove Cam Plus Pro before the free trial ends. I will try to update after the free trial ends.


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Hey, welcome to the forum! Cam plus pro and Home monitoring cannot exist together at this time.

It seems your having trouble canceling pro so you can switch to home monitoring correct? I think someone else was having this issue between apple and wyze as well. Could you give me your ticket number when you contacted support so i can give it to someone who can help escalate it? Thanks!

Just confirmed with someone, that due to app store restrictions its impossible to cancel a subscription done through the app store. You may be able to get support to remove the license from your account to allow the use of HMS, but im not sure. Sorry!

I have the same issue here. Wyze support couldn’t help because it was bought through iTunes - even though my email was from Wyze and had zero mention of it entirely blocking my home monitoring access (but that’s another issue). I’ve chatted and called support 3x this week and no one has been able to help! Was anyone able to remove the subscription from your account so you could access your alarm system from in-app??? I’m going on a week with no alarm and ready to switch to something that will work if I absolutely have to. If anyoine can help, My ticket is #2081693

Annnnnnd Support attempt #3 I get ghosted - no response for 30 min? -_-