Problem switching from Cam Plus to Cam Protect

I just switched my subscription from cam plus to cam protect, remove my 4 cameras from plus, then added them to protect. Now, when I go to the cam protect tab, it says that I don’t have any cameras assigned (second screenshot) and then the app freezes at a white screen when I select “continue setup”.

Any thoughts on what’s happening here? Anybody else have this issue? Wyze support is not being helpful and trying to shift the blame to Apple for some reason (telling me I need to cancel my apple subscription and buy directly through wyze. This seems kind of scammy to me)

This is a common problem with Apple and Android. If you purchase any Wyze stuff via the store you have to deal with the store to fix any licensing problems. If you search the forum you’ll find numerous posts on this issue including one titled something like never buy Wyze subscriptions through the Apple store. Apple controls everything there and Wyze has no input with them.

Link to other post:

I don’t have Cam Protect because I have the HMS and they are incompatible. But, since the Subscription is showing in your Services tab and cams can be assigned there it seems to be connected to the Apple Store subscription.

Have you tried unassigning all the cams from the Cam Protect subscription within the Services tab and then rerunning the Continue Setup in the Monitoring tab to see if it needs to assign the cams during the Setup rather than you doing it manually in the services tab?

@SlabSlayer yeah, I’ve tried that and the same thing happens. I get the sense it’s more of an app issue than a subscription issue. The app hangs at a white screen when I select continue setup (when the cameras are unassigned and when they are assigned).

If it was a problem with the subscription, then at the very least the app should fail gracefully. It gets stuck at a white screen with no way to do anything except close the app and restart

What is your App Version? I am an Android user and don’t have Cam Protect, so I am out of ideas short of uninstalling and reinstalling the App. But it may be helpful to someone who has iOS.

2.44.5 (3), thanks for trying. One more thing, do you know of a way to get access to a helpful level of wyze support? The specialist I’m on an email chain with currently is not helpful, is there another pathway to getting help?

The only way I know to get in touch w\ Support is thru phone, chat, and email:

(206) 339-9646 or (581) 500-1166 (Canada)

When you do contact them, I suggest specifically requesting Tier 2 Technical Support.

I am tagging in the other @Mavens to take a look. Several use iOS and may have some ideas.


I am absolutely furious at wyze right now. Support stopped replying to emails after I asked for escalation. Finally I asked for a refund and they are refusing, saying subscriptions are non refundable. This is crazy, I’ve never seen such terrible support for a company. I wish a VP could see what their support team is doing. I’m cancelling all subscriptions and selling this crap on eBay.

[Wyze Ticket 3259784] Re_ Regarding Your Cam Protect Subscription Inquiry.pdf (474.5 KB)

Sorry you are still dealing with this.

From what I understand, Wyze is unable to find a paid Cam Protect subscription on the account (your email address is your account username identifier) you provided to support.

Is the email you provided to support the same email you use to log into your app and Wyze account?

Is this also the same email address associated with your Apple App Store account from which the subscriptions were purchased?

With your reply and permission, I will flag your customer service ticket number to a contact volunteers have within Wyze to see if they can take a look from the home office side just to see what is happening here.

That’s not really the issue. Wyze support eventually said they found the subscription so that is fine.

The real issue I’m having is that there are cameras added to the the cam protect service, but the app does not recognize that. It asks me to add cameras, then freezes at a white screen. It is an app problem, not an account problem.

There are screenshots in the attached email. Honestly I’m done with the troubleshooting though. Do you know who I could contact for a refund? is not helpful

The refund process is the same. It has to be done thru Customer Support. However, there are two problems. First, subscriptions purchased from Wyze are non-refundable. Second, you didn’t purchase the subscription from Wyze. It was purchased from the Apple App Store. They are even worse to deal with for refunds.

I am going to ask someone at Wyze to take a look at this to see if the Cam Protect PM can find something. I will post back if I hear something.

Have you tried clearing the app cache in account > app settings, then sign out of the app, force close, and sign back in.

This will refresh everything in the app and hopefully it will allow the monitoring tab to see your subscription.

@IEatBeans - thanks for trying but I’ve already gone through all the troubleshooting,

I’ve also submitted logs multiple times. If the developers are interested in creating a working app, they have everything I could provide to help them out (and I’m paying them for the privilege)