Might have to cancel new subscription to Cam Plus

It’s seems my “Back Yard Cam” Wyze V3 is not “Cam Plus” according to the little Info popup on the Events Page.
I just upgraded the Firmware to latest version and Subscribed to Cam Plus to access WebView.
It’s Not Working.
On the Live Stream page I get the text “Live stream is not supported on this camera”

If that is the case I need to cancel my subscription immediately.

Please Advise…

Did you assign the license to the camera?

Yes - I didn’t see the option before. Everything wieking great now - thanks!

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I am having a similar issue. When I contact Wyze for support, they keep trying to send me to Apple (which I do not understand, as he issue with my subscription is that it is not showing in my Wyze app, even though Apple registers it as purchased)

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I’m having similar issue where I have 4 licenses of cam plus but can only assign one/4 to my cameras. I keep getting a bad request 404 error. Yes I’m using the app, and yes I purchased cam plus thru the wyze app…support keeps telling me to contact google…

Good luck getting the refund.