App Won't Switch Monitoring Mode

I just bought about $500 worth of cameras and monitoring equipment and I accidentally purchased Cam Plus Pro instead of Home Monitoring. The app however will not switch from Cam Plus Pro mode to Home Monitor mode. My Keypad doesn’t function at all. Tech support spent most of the time trying to understand the issue and didn’t help me resolve the issue at all.

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That is going to be a really tough one. CPPro is very possessive.

Because you have CPPro showing on your account, it won’t let you complete the setup for the HMS because having both of these monitoring services at the same time is forbidden by Wyze & Noonlight.

So, first thing would be to terminate the CPPro. This depends on how you acquired it.

I see you are using iOS. If you bought your CPPro thru the iOS App Store, it has to be terminated there and you won’t get a refund. Apple rules… Not Wyze.

If you purchased it on the Wyze Website, you can go to → Login → My Account. It will list your subscriptions if you scroll down. Find the CPPro, click edit, scroll to the bottom, and cancel the subscription. You will be refunded for the unused portion of your subscription.

If you opted the free trial when you installed the cams (Wyze is horrible about forcing free trials), I think you are going to need to contact Customer Support to get them to terminate the trial on every cam. I don’t think trials show up in your account subscriptions so I don’t think you can terminate them. Otherwise, you have to wait out the trial until it expires. :frowning:

Once you get the CPPro off the books, you should be able to complete the HMS setup and purchase \ activate the monitoring service. The keypad will be absolutely useless until you activate the HMS monitoring BC it works w\ the HMS only in the Monitoring Tab. Sensors will install and work with the installed hub, you can set rules with them, but without the HMS monitoring the Monitoring tab will be useless with the hub so no arming\disarming or alarms.

Hope this helps.
Good luck!

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How the hell can Wyze sell me a subscription and equipment I can’t use?! What an absolute garbage product and even worse user experience!!!

I would agree with you that there should be safeguards in place preventing someone with the HMS Subscription from buying a CPPro subscription. The CPPro is a relatively new service and some things are still being ironed out as it pertains to compatibility with other subscriptions.

Honestly, I would question why I can’t have both if I wanted it. But, that is a horse of a different color.

I have the HMS and I am thoroughly satisfied with it’s operation since installing it long ago. So… Not a garbage product but yes, it does leave a bad taste when you have a bad user experience.

As for the equipment, I only assumed you wanted the HMS since I assumed you bought the Hub starter kit and accessories. Otherwise, CPPro only requires a V3 cam. $500 would be like 15 cams with a CPPro sub for each. You did state you purchased the CPPro accidentally.

What resulted from your attempts to terminate the CPPro subscription(s) from the purchase source?

Did you contact Customer Support?

Do you have a ticket number that one of the Mods or Mavens might be able to ask Wyze to escelate on your behalf?

What steps have you taken so that we can help get you up and running how you want with the equipment you have? We are all users here trying to make the best of it.