Dashcam Research Survey

If you release a dashcam, will the app work in LANDSCAPE MODE?

Would love to see Wyze release a dashcam! There are some decent sub $100 models out there but none of them (that I’ve found at least) have a connection to my phone to pull videos off of it and the settings are very confusing. Wyze could definitely make a killing releasing this. I would instantly buy 2 for our cars.

Unfortunately it wouldn’t display in landscape mode.

Videos have always been capable of displaying in landscape mode to my knowledge (at least on android). It’s just the rest of the app that doesn’t do landscape, but I’ve always been able to make the videos stream fullscreen in landscape orientation on my devices. I can’t imagine this would be any different.

What people want is for the rest of the app to support landscape mode as well. Hopefully, they’ll work on supporting landscape for everything…but I am not too worried about the video stream itself, they’ve always supported viewing the video full screen in landscape to my knowledge.

My sister sent me this. The camera needs to be capable of recording a major Dukes of Hazard while looking directly into the sun. :astonished:

(The driver was okay)


Holy Moly. :flushed:

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I watched a video last night of a tesla jumping an intersection and just getting demolished. The poster compiled several phone recordings and a dash cam video of the jump. Everyone was OK, shockingly, but it was crazy.

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Yes that video of the Tesla was good except maybe for the Company that rented it and the driver if they catch up to him :rofl: I’ve seen the video Newshound posted before, crazy !!!


That is crazy! it went Right between the power lines, just barely missing the top one…I think the air shook it a little. That is just insane.

For those wondering, apparently, the driver of the flying car only had minor injuries and is okay. The truck driver put out the fire.


Yes – this is how close she came to hitting the power pole or wires:

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Apparently, this was caused by the driver trying to flee from getting in trouble for another accident that they caused. It seems caution was warranted here since that kind of high speed flying vehicle situation is rarely a random “accident” and could be the result of a driver speeding to evade law enforcement or some other serious issue as is the case here and you could be putting yourself in danger…who knows what they’d do to you (take you hostage for helping them?). I’m not saying not to help a human being if it looks like they could die if left there in a burning car…but this incident had red flags all over it, and for good reason…someone fleeting law enforcement…just be careful…
This is a great example of dashcam benefits.


Did they determine if it was a rental? I just know the 4 occupants and the cat made it unscathed.

You are talking about LA right. The now know the driver.


Oh wow! Didn’t know how long ago it was.

I just saw this on YouTube