Custom notification sound not working

I am setting the notification sound to one of Wyze’s custom sounds in the app’s settings. When the notification is triggered by motion detection, no sound comes out.
When I bring it back to the default system sound, it is emitting sound okay.

Any idea what it could be ?
My device is Google Pixel 4a, on the latest Wyze version v2.43.0 (312)

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In order for audible sound from the pixel and other Android Devices, you will need to long press on the app icon and select App Info. From there, select Notifications.

Once you are in the notification area, which a can be done from many areas, simply go through each of the notification options and make sure the option is turned on and the settings are as how you would like.

The primary notification category will be WyzeMessage. you will see up to 4 of them, depending on how many sounds you tried. Basically each one corresponds to one of the notification sounds including the default. I have mine set the following way:

  • Main Notification Page: All WyzeMessage entries are turned on
  • Tap on each of them and you will see each setting. I have set mine as such:
    • Show Notification: On
    • Default is selected and Not Silent
    • Pop on screen: On
    • Sound: Will either say App Provided Sound or Default Notification Sound. Make sure it says App Provided Sound as it will correspond to one of the sounds provided by Wyze.
    • Vibration: On
    • Lock Screen: Show all notification content
    • Show notification dot: On
    • Overwrite Do Not Disturb: On

Note: If you tap on the Sound entry, you will be able to select from a list of sounds provided by your Google Device. If you opt to do this, I would only do this on the one which says Default Notification Sound as this will be Android Provided.

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Thanks, I wasn’t aware there’s an actual menu behind these toggles, I thought they were just on/off toggles.

It was indeed set on the the app provided notification but for some reason it is not audible.
I have not tried to choose a different sound from my phone that is different from the default notification sound.
I don’t care about the specific app provided sound, as long as it’s different than the default one so that I can differentiate between Wyze notifications and the rest of the noise.

Interestingly, once I have set a different sound through the system menu, I can no longer choose “App provided sound” and even if I change it again through the app, it doesn’t go back to “App provided sound”.

I can confirm that setting a distinct sound using this method (provided by the system) works

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Can you provide an App log so that I can get Wyze’s eyes on this.

That is why I change the Default sound one and not the ones that say App Provided. I am not sure how to get back to the original without reinstalling the app after an uninstall.

But a log should help.

However, you an at least get a different sound now, correct?