Crying Detection - Not Working Properly?

Cam Pan V3’s with Cam Plus, none are detecting crying. Has anyone else had issues with this smart detection? I did a test playing a baby crying YouTube video, but nothing. Turned the Cam sound detection up to 100 and put the phone a foot away from the camera, it finally sent a notification after a few seconds as a general ‘sound’ detection. I would have thought it’d notify as crying? Had been considering using the Cam Pan V3 or Cam V3 as a baby monitor, but it doesn’t seem to work effectively enough to use it in that way.

I use a Cam V3 as a baby monitor and it usually does alert me to crying. The mic isn’t as sensitive as some of the other cameras though. I have a V2 in the same room and it will report crying a lot more often than my V3 does.

I can’t currently test with a Pan V3 because I lent mine to my brother, but hopefully some other people will chime in about that one.

I have a Pan V3 in my daughter’s room, about 3 feet from her crib and it doesn’t reliably detect her crying either.

I wouldn’t suggest using these cameras as a primary means of monitoring your child, but as a supplement to the good old fashioned baby monitor. Given that they seem to be really flakey as of late… I wouldn’t want to entrust the safety of my child to a device that could lock up/die without warning.

Otherwise, if you absolutely need a baby monitor/camera combo, I’d suggest looking at VTech products as VTech has been in that business of making baby monitors, phones, kids toys, etc. for decades now.

This one might fit the bill. it’s not what I’d call cheap, but it should be more reliable.

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