Cordless vacuum S latch?

Bought the vacuum used, and the retaining latch is busted! Clearly the previous owner tried to fix it and there’s a mountain of superglue on it. I’ve been drawing up a 3d model of it, and I would really appreciate a picture of an intact latch. Just a picture of the latch from where the container attaches (where it’s prone to break :stuck_out_tongue:) would be really helpful.

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I have the non-S version and I’m not 100% sure it’s the same, but if someone with the S version doesn’t post it for you, I will definitely go take a picture of mine for you if you call tag me back here again later. :+1:


Hey there! Thanks for getting back to me so quick, was still wondering if I could get that picture? It’s worth a look either way.

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I wasn’t sure what is meant by the “retaining latch” so I took several pictures of various things that can or do latch just in case. If I missed it, maybe post a picture of which piece exactly you meant and I’ll go get some better pictures of that piece. Or also, if you want a different angle or position or something.


Let me know if you need a better picture of anything or want a measuring tape near any of it.

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Ah I suppose there are multiple retaining latches! That would be my bad. I was referring to the part where the container attaches, so a close up of this blue part.

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I got a few angles for you:

I hope that helps!

Couldn’t be better! Thank you so very much for all the great angles! This will be a big help for such a common issue, I’ll be sure to post the finished 3d model.

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