Cordless Vacuum head front wheels

Anyone know where I can get the small front wheels on the cordless vacuum head. Love the vacuum! Use the heck out of it!

I am interested in knowing why you are looking for replacement wheels. I am having a problem with my cordless vacuum and am wondering if you are having the same issues.

The front wheel on one side of the head came off. The rubber part. Wyze was no help. Ordered what appears to be the wheels off of Amazon for a Shark vacuum. We will see if it works. If not I will complain loudy to Wzye

Did you lose the big wheel or the small wheel secured with a snap-in pin?

The small wheel on the front

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I apologize for the delay… if you still need a wheel and this is what you are looking for, please send a personal message with your actual name and USPS mailing address and I will send this out to you (click my avatar, then click “Message”). It’s used and slightly dirty, but in excellent condition.


Hello, did the shark wheels work on your Wyze vacuum? I am looking for replacements too.

No to big…

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I ended up calling Wyze last Thursday and reporting the issue.
On Saturday I received a replacement vacuum from Wyze.

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Lucky you. I talked to them several times and they were NO help even Though I’ve bought 3 vacuums and lots of other products totaling over $1000.00. I just wanted the small wheel maybe 5 cents… Still no help…

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Interesting. The wheels that are on the new one are a bit different than the 1st one.

You’d think Wyze would have more parts available for a product like this. It’s bad enough the dust bin gasket can easily be lost in the trash without knowing it, now I have to worry about those little wheels too. I use my Cordless Vacuum all the time and so the brush head is getting pretty beat up.

So any progress in getting these tiny wheels? mine is useless without them. Wyze can i buy them or can you at least make them available.

Well NO. Wyze is useless on this few cent issue. I am probably going back to Dyson vacuums from Costco. If there’s a problem ever just return it! No questions asked…

Good luck, John

I used the Wyze Chat support through the app and they immediately just said they’d send me a whole new vacuum. It was quick and easy.

I’ll try again. I have 3 of the vacuums. You’d think they might want to fix the problem.

Thanks much!

got a temp fix use a pencil eraser


Had Wyze conducted proper testing, they would have fixed the problem prior to release. Or maybe they knew about it in the later stages of testing and decided to sell them anyway, hoping they last through the warranty period.

First Wyze vacuum’s wheel broke so we contacted Wyze. They sent a new vacuum. A couple months later, same exact part broke.

We really like the vacuum but it’s now so difficult to use it without this small wheel part. Really wish we could get replacements instead of a whole new vacuum, just to dump it in the landfill.


My vacuum now has the same problem. Bad front wheels with no replacement parts available. Of course, they lasted long enough to be outside the warranty. And, of course, Wyze has no replacement wheels available to purchase. What a stupid business model! Yes, Wyze has products that are less expensive that others. But are we really saving money when they barely last beyond the warranty and require replacing the entire thing when all it really needs is a couple of small replacement wheels. I’d be more than happy to buy the wheels if Wyze would make them available.

I’ll still be a Wyze customer for their cameras, but I likely won’t buy any other Wyze products because they don’t offer even basic replacements parts for them.