Cordless Vacuum head front wheels

Well said and I totally agree. I will move on to Costco again for vacuums. You can’t beat the return policy.

Have a great day!

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I had the same issue! Wyze was able to send a new vacuum since I was in the 1 year warranty period. Had the new vacuum since November and it appears on of the wheels is splitting, but not yet broken off. Dreading when it’s going to happen because I love the vacuum and would happily just buy the replacement wheels IF Wyze would just smarten and carry them!!

I found these 3D printed replacement wheels. They are hard plastic so noisy on hard floors but it gets the front off the floor and makes the vacuum usable again.

If Wyze doesn’t want to sell the replacement parts, then they could at least tell us who makes them so we could get them there.

Thanks for the link, might have to order those.

Wyze support basically told me I was out of luck one month out of warranty. Thanks…

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I ordered these 3D printed wheels and they work well.

Hello everyone, found a simple solution to this, just order silicone reusable straws.


  • Order reusable silicone straws, I ordered these from Amazon:

Reusable Black Silicone Straws for Toddlers & Kids - 6 pcs Flexible Short Drink 6.7" Straws for 6-12 oz Yeti/Rtic/Ozark Tumblers & 2 Cleaning Brushes - BPA free, Eco-friendly,no Rubber Tast

  • Take one straw and cut a small section, about half a centimeter wide. (See yellow line)

  • Pop off original wheel and slide cut piece on. Tip: apply a little heat just to make it snug.

  • Pop the wheel back in place and enjoy!

Should be able to get many many uses as the wheel covers wear down.


It’s pretty sad that customers have to MacGyver solutions, because Wyze didn’t think wheels on a vacuum needed to be more sturdy.

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Been thinking the same for a while now. The fact that someone is 3d printing wheels, someone else is using a rubber pencil eraser and now cutting straws apart (all appreciated solutions) to keep this product functioning is insane. Wyze just sending a new vacuum is not the solution when the wheels just break on every one we’ve had.

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You’d think Wyze would have tested the product enough to know the wheels would break. So either they didn’t test it enough or knew and yet still did nothing. It’s the same with their software. Just more reasons why they should stop making new products and focus a bit more on quality over quantity.

Thanks for that link - just ordered them. Amazing Wyze cannot respond with a vendor that we can order these from!!

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Hey everyone my dad 3D printed some rubberized wheels that work well. I have had this issue twice now. If you have a 3D printer you can download on thingiverse, otherwise maybe I can ship some out!


Since when can rubber be 3D printed?

It’s TPU

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That’s not rubber, it’s a softer plastic with rubber like qualities. People often confuse soft plastic as being rubber, when it’s not.

Okay I said rubberized my mistake plastic police