Vaccum O ring wheels replacement

Does anybody know where we can get these Rubber Orings replacement? These rubbers keep falling and it doesn’t give enough room to vacuum, looks like it’s mostly dragging the vacuum around.

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You can use a pencil eraser as a temporary fix. Here is a link to the 3D printed wheels, I think I even saw someone linked to a small wheel that would work sold on Amazon but I don’t have a link for it.


Yea I saw that one on Etsy. So basically we are on our own? I don’t get why Wyze can’t provide parts.

That’s because Wyze doesn’t properly test their products or even look at similar products from other manufacturers to find the weak areas that could happen. But honestly I don’t think they care as they sell inexpensive products using cheap parts, that just won’t last. So yeah, we are pretty much on our own and have to rely on our MacGyver skills.