Continuous recording stops

Cams send motion notification, when I check it there is “No video at the selected time.” The continuous recording has stopped. When I restart the cam, continuous recording starts again, but it should have never stopped in the first place. New cams, updated firmware, new SD cards. Looks like a bug. What good is a security cam if it arbitrarily stops recording and needs restarted?

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Can you please post the version of the firmware you are using in the cam? There are multiple possibilities.

Did you format the SD Card within the cam using the Manage microSD tool in the Advanced Settings?

Are the Continuous Recording settings reverting or is it just failing to show any video recorded when accessing the SD playback?


Did not format in cam… I have since formatted one card in cam.

Just failing to show any video recorded. I removed cards, checked with PC and indeed no video was recorded.

Since the restart cams are recording but there are random gaps in the recordings lasting 10 to 15 minutes.
3rd cam has been working normally since activation.

One test to perform to isolate the problem would be to swap the SD Cards between the known good cam #3 and one that is not recording.

If the problem moves to Cam#3, you have bad cards. If the problem stays with the same cam, you have a bad cam and should contact Customer Support for a Warranty replacement.

Alright trying the card swap but I don’t think that’s it. No way I have either 2 dysfunctional cams or 2 dysfunctional cards. BTW both cams did it again. Both were showing no data at all until restart, then old data came back and they started recording again, but lost several hours before I caught it.

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Post back what you discover.

If it turns out to be the cams, you can take it one step further and flash the firmware in case the OTA firmware update might have somehow been corrupted on download and install. This will be the test to rule out the current firmware install as the culprit rather than the cam defective hardware (card reader).

The problem has seemed to have moved with the card swap. The only thing is all cards are the same same manufacture, same storage, bought at the same time. Formatting them in cam does not seem to make a difference. Thinking about formatting them on PC. What file system do the cams use?

Cams will format cards to FAT32. But they can read and write to FAT32 or ExFAT.

Even if the cards are marked from the same manufacturer, knock off and counterfeit SD Cards is widespread throughout the internet.

Nowadays, the purchase source is more important than the brand.

I formatted the cards using exFat with 8192K file allocation sizes (since the video files the cam captures are normally 6500K to 6700K) this allows for one file per allocation unit and should make for the quickest file access. I did not use quick format, in order to make sure the entire card was truly formatted. All issues I was experiencing seem to have subsided. Neither cam has stopped recording and there are no gaps in the recording, also I have not needed to restart the cams or cycle power to them. I will up date if the issues reappear.

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