Connectivity error code - 68

I’m getting this code on an entire camera group of 4 on an LG Velvet phone, but not on my LG v60 thinQ. Uninstalled app and reinstalled. Still have it.

I am having the same problem. The camera’s are working on my Android phone but not my Tablets.
Please help!

Error code -68 only on a LG Arist0 4+ (Android 9) smartphone, on Pan Cam and all V2’s

Oops, should of caught it, Wyze app update fixed…

From your phone/tablet, go to Wyze app Home > Account > About.

Are you running app version 2.22.21 (or higher if beta)?



Today is the first day that I have had trouble with this. It has been working just fine and I have not changed anything.

You may not have changed anything, but Wyze did. If you’re receiving -68 errors and/or unable to liveview/stream v2 cams or Pan cams, your app is probably outdated and out of synch with the cam’s firmware. Updating your Wyze app should solve your problem:


Thank you… That worked.

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A bit close but not quite. Here’s the real deal.
If your on Beta FW V2 and/or Pan cams are getting error 68 you need to go into the TestFlight app and update your App to VERSION 2.23.XX there will be no update available in the App Store.
Version 2.22.XX (most current non beta found in App Store) does NOT work with the current beta FW of
Or V2

Excellent… glad you’re back up and running. And welcome to the Wyze community. :+1: